To Get Firm And Tight Breasts In Just One Week

Our breasts are perpetually undergoing changes. At puberty, as a result of pregnancy or weight changes, with age or because God has thus made us, the breast sags and the breasts lose their suppleness and elasticity.

If some guys are lucky enough to have a firm and busty breast, others have to deal with drooping or flat breasts when they are not even 30 years old or even had children. To remedy this, two things are enough to give back to your chest: olive oil and the palm of your hands. Top breasts!

It would be veiling the face to tell ourselves that men are not delighted at our breasts at a the first meeting. The look of a man is inevitably attracted by this part of the body just as our mouth or our smile. More than a feminine attribute, the breast is a symbol of maternity, the seat of infinite pleasure and psycho-emotional balance. Life and affection flow from it. The vulnerability of our breasts can cause profound suffering and complexity. 

The breast is covered with a layer of adipose tissue, as well as a fibrous and glandular cluster and consists of fat cells, glands, blood vessels and nerves, that is to say how difficult it is to firm the breast . One can nevertheless act on the pectorals, these muscles located under the breasts.

No wonder, no miracle cream will tighten your breasts. You can just hope to firm them up a bit.

How to firm up your breasts naturally?

If you do not want to see your breasts wiped, there is no need to think about cosmetic surgery, there are a lot of natural tricks, accessible to all to maintain the curve of your breasts. The solution passes by the hands. The massages will stimulate the blood circulation and bring more firmness to your cleavage .

Massage with essential oils

Olive oil has a reputation for toning the skin. Mix a cup of olive oil with an egg yolk and a lemon juice. Spread the preparation on your breasts, then, massage them, in circular movements. Leave on for at least 20 minutes.

To obtain all the benefits of essential oils and to better tighten the epidermis, use oil of Daisy, Sandalwood, carrot seed, lavender or rosewood in oily macerate in argan oil for example.

Argan oil, rich in vitamin E is restructuring, borage acts on suppleness and elasticity, musk rose to tense effects, jojoba has a re-inflating effect.

Preparation of a herbal maceration:
  • Let infuse for one hour in the water-bath, 10 g of chamomile + 10g of lavender + 10g of nettle + two glasses of vinegar of cider. Filter the mixture and store it in a bottle.
  • Soak a cotton disc of this mixture and apply on the chest, then, massage lightly in circular movements, from the base of the breast to the nipple, going up to the neck. Put on an old T-shirt and leave it on all night.

Mask with cucumber and egg base

Did you know that the cucumber had toning properties? Combined with an egg yolk, it would help boost the muscles of the chest. Mix a cucumber, mixing it with an egg yolk and a little butter until you get a homogeneous paste. Apply to your bust, leave to sit for half an hour before rinsing with cold water.

Some Good Habits to Fight Sagging Chest

- Wear a suitable bra that does not compress your breasts. Provide a brassiere pattern that will keep your chest properly while playing sports.

- Stand as straight as you can.

- Water is a natural bra! Finish your bath with a jet of very fresh water to tone the tissues.

- Making pumps at 10 minutes a day helps to firm the breasts in addition to strengthening your abs and making you lose belly fat. Work your pecs using small dumbbells. Take them in hand and stretch your arms in front of you by making small circles inwards and outwards.

- Poor sebaceous glands, the skin of the breasts requires daily hydration

- Have a sufficiently proteinated diet

- Do not skimp on scrubs and masks so as to promote cell renewal and stimulate blood flow

- Sleeping on the back to avoid compressing the chest.

The gestures to avoid:
  • Avoid wearing heavy loads as well as the practice of sports and violent movements that weaken tissues.
  • The sun dries the skin and causes it to lose its elasticity. Never expose yourself without solar protection
  • Vaulting the upper back accentuates the sagging of the breasts


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