Woman Stops Using Bra - A Few Weeks
Stops Using Bra
The bra is a must in the wardrobe of all women. This article which was once an underwear indispensable to the maintenance of the breasts has become today a real asset of seduction. But what the majority of women are unaware of is that the bra can have several effects on their health. Let's do a check in.

Bustier, push up, without underwear, back racer, lace, cotton ... the choice of bras is very wide and meets all tastes and budgets. This underwear created by Herminie Cadolle, a French designer, in the 19th century was considered a simple accessory to ensure the maintenance of the chest. But over time, this underwear has risen to the rank of accessory of seduction! Indeed, in addition to supporting the breasts, it highlights them and brings a sexy touch! But is this accessory safe for health? The answer is no !

The bra can have adverse health effects, including blocking lymphatic circulation. Regardless of shape or pattern, this accessory compresses the lymph channels and lymph nodes, causing the lymph to stagnate. Thus, the toxins that are no longer evacuated naturally, will accumulate at the level of the breasts! This compression can also promote congestion of the breasts and lead to the appearance of breast pain.

This is only one effect among so many others, so do drop these accessories or at least decrease the duration of their wearing. Adopt the no-bra life and discover its many benefits.

The benefits of not wearing bra:

Improve breast shape:

According to a study conducted by Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports science expert at the University of Besancon, wearing a bra does more harm than good to the breasts. This expert used a specific device to measure changes in the breasts of hundreds of women over a period of more than 15 years. All participants were between 18 and 35 years of age.

The results of the study showed that women who never wear a bra had nipples higher by 7 mm on average each year, compared to those who wear them regularly.

To be more at ease :

Many of you are breathing a sigh of relief every time you remove your bra and yet you can not pass the threshold of your home without putting them on! Straps too tight, whales pulling the skin, sewing that scratches ... why bear the daily torture? The bra is anything but comfortable, it's time to admit it!

Increase your comfort on a daily basis by avoiding wearing your bra! You will feel more free from your movements and you will let your breasts breathe. To camouflage your nipples, just wear a tight-fitting tank top, and the trick is played!

Sleeping better:

Some women have this annoying habit of sleeping with their bra. Big mistake ! The wearing of the bra is not advised during the day and even less in the evening, because it hinders the good circulation of the lymph. To enjoy a deep and restful sleep, it is very important to be comfortable, something that the bra does not offer! Down with the bras, for a better night's sleep!

To save money :

It is well known, the good lingerie, it is expensive! And to have quality bras, you will have to spend a little more money! By dropping these underwear, you will definitely make some savings. You can of course keep some to wear on special occasions or under small summer sweaters, but in winter, it would be better to let your breasts breathe!

Having more firm breasts:

Unlike popular beliefs, bras do not protect the breasts against sagging. These accessories have an inverse effect on the chest.

Indeed, these underwear make the breast lazy, muscularly speaking, and promote its relaxation. Maintained by the bras, the breasts do not make efforts to counter the effects of gravity!

On the other hand, a breast left to itself to ensure its maintenance, is firm! Verdict: forget your bras to enjoy a firmer chest! Moreover, teenagers are strongly advised to avoid wearing bras, because it is during this phase that the fascia and muscles, anatomical elements of suspension of the breast, are reinforced.

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