13 Scientific Reasons Which Prove That The Small Boobs Are The Best

As a teenager, you have surely tried to increase your breast by any means, wearing a padded bra and if that was not the case you would draw even more into your creativity to mount ploys of "breast development ". When you fail, you finally go to God to see if he has not forgotten you.

The last few decades have contributed to the modification of breast size. Some factors such as obesity or birth control pills increase breast size. This tortures you more because at home it is always a RAS (nothing to report). Be optimistic, the 13 reasons that follow and which are scientifically proven, will give you a smile.

You feel more pleasure in bed

Despite what you are shown in magazines such as Playboy or the like, your little chest has great advantages in the bedroom. A study by researchers at the University of Vienna showed that big boobs were 24% less sensitive compared to small boobs.
The fatty tissue of your boobs is finer, which makes them even more sensitive to stimuli at the time of the preliminaries. Expect more emotions, more sensations and more fun! Frankly, what more could you ask for?

They make you look younger
It is likely that you did not assume your chest when you were a teenager. Now that you are older it is something you can only enjoy. Your flat or small chest keeps you young. Ladies, over time, strong boobs are prone to sagging this is a sign that shows you are getting older. Ah, but no! Not you !

You are not afraid that they will fall

The idea that the bra maintains breast firmness is false. A French study has shown this, on the contrary, the bra more favors the collapse. It compresses the muscular tissue and blocks its development which accelerates the phenomenon of the falling chest. Since you do not wear a bra your boobs will not fall and it falls well, you are not concerned!

You can wear the buttoned clothing without fear
Do you know how unpleasant it is to want to prevent your breast from getting out of your shirt at any moment? No ! You have no idea. All is well and everything goes.

You attract serious men

You are wondering who can be seduced by your small boobs, and well you have the answer. Serious men! A study in psychology questioned a group of men of different categories about the type of boobs that attracted them sexually. Women with a strong breast tend to attract less serious men.

Researchers assume that breast size can act as a signal of fat storage in other words access to resources, good news, no history of interest to you.

Rated men will love you
Again from the perspective of the research previously mentioned, researchers wanted to know if breast size was related to feelings of satiety. They concluded that men with well-trimmed bellies were attracted to small breasts, on the contrary, hungry men would prefer the fat ones. It is adjudged, the best men are yours.

You are not going to attract smart men
Men who are attracted only by women with strong breasts are superficial, science also proves that they are sexist. A study by the University of Westminster has identified the relationship between sexism and the size of a breast. As a result, men who find that the stronger chest is more attractive think that the woman is soft and weak. Hum ... No thanks!

You can channel the boy who is in you
Short hair, make-up, dancing until the end of the night and having fun with friends. Girls of this kind were very popular, liberated, and feared nothing. Guess the main asset of their look? The girls of the 1920s were PLATES! The more coated women compressed their breasts to join the movement that defended gender equality. Even a century later, we still love this style. For you it's easy, why not try?

You have a better posture

Congratulations ! Not only do you not suffer from back pain like most women but in addition you have a better posture because your breasts do not succumb to gravity and do not risk to pull you down. Yes, it weighs a breast! In addition to ruining the back, it is a source of neck tension.

You have an infinite choice of underwear
From the cheapest, tops with integrated bra, headbands, string holders all offered to you. This pink bra with peas makes you soft eyes? Take it ! In the lingerie department you are spoiled for choice.

You are a member of a very privileged community
Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more. You are a member of this restricted committee of sexy women who have a small cap.

You have very low risk of developing breast cancer
Good now you love your little ones, are you also aware that they also saved your life? Since there are fewer layers to check, you can easily detect a breast abnormality yourself.

In summer, you can put everything that comes to mind

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