He Starts Rubbing This Potato All Over His Grill.

The fine weather has finally arrived and that says good weather also says picnic and barbecue! But if barbecue is your passion, you will know that meats, foods and fats stick to the grates and it is very difficult to eliminate them. To prevent them from sticking without covering them with oil and without using chemicals, here is an ingenious trick that will allow you to clean your barbecue easily.

Even the great masters of the barbecue know and encounter this problem. Removing and cleaning leftovers from glued and burned foods in your grill is not always easy. In spite of several passages and cleanings, it is possible that greases remain on the grates. With this easy and natural trick, you will get a magical result.

From the potato to clean my BBQ!

Clean easily, it is possible. Simply take a raw potato, cut it in half and rub the top of the heated grid beforehand. Then place your food for cooking.

Thanks to the starch contained in the potato, the grid is covered with a film and a natural coating that will prevent the food from sticking. The potato also removes all grease from your grills, ovens and hoods.

Here are some tips and uses of the potato in the house:

life back to tile : If your tile is dull, simply pour the potatoes on the floor, rub with a broom and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Then rinse the floor with a mop.

Cleaning silverware and tin objects: To remove and clean the silverware, tin objects and stainless steel, fill a container with the potato cooking water, place the objects in it and let them act 10 to 15 minutes.

Bleaching curtains:
The potato starch allows to bleach the sheers. To do this, simply place your curtains in the washing machine and then add two spoons of starch.

Removing walls and doors:
Eliminate stains from your doors and walls by rubbing surfaces with a potato cut in half while making small circular movements. Then wipe with a dry, clean cloth.

Eliminate herb stain on clothes:
Cut a potato in two, rub the grass stain found on the cloth, let it act for one or two hours and then put it in the machine with the other clothes.

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