What Happens When A Man Makes Love To A Pregnant Woman

The majority of men are anxious about having
intercourse with their partner when they are pregnant because they are convinced that they risk hitting or even hurting the baby. Do not panic, it does not happen!

Between the fluctuations of the libido and the physical constraints due to the pregnancy, the future mother must also manage the fact that his man fears that intercourse could hurt the baby. Now, after a day separated from each other, you have only one desire is to find yourself under the duvet and let speak your mutual desire. Instead of apprehending this step, let yourself go and enjoy your frolics as there is no risk that the baby will be touched.

The baby is well protected

70% of men refuse to make love to their pregnant companion because they are afraid of hurting the baby during the report. There is no need to worry because the fetus is protected by a pocket of amniotic fluid which is itself in the amniotic pouch of the uterus which completely isolates it by enclosing the baby in a bubble. The liquid acts as a shock absorber  and a protective wall, the baby feels no blows, no shocks, no movements and is not in any way to be compressed while his parents give themselves a little naughty session, regardless of the Position or positions.

The baby is also protected against bacteria that could proliferate because the cervix is blocked by a mucus that blocks access to them.

The penis can not touch the baby

The fact that the future dad can touch the baby with his genitals during a relationship is a myth but the fact that most of them are skeptical about making love to their wives for this reason is fine And indeed a reality. Well, gentlemen, do not worry, even if nature has spoiled you generously, it is impossible for you to reach your baby by having

Of course, there is penetration, but as deep as it is, it does not risk touching the baby because it is sheltered protected by the bag containing the amniotic fluid. In addition, there are five centimeters between the bottom of the female genitalia and the head of the baby, so it is impossible to reach the fetus even if it has the head down.

There is no need to take abstinence during pregnancy because there is no risk of the baby being injured unless the attending physician has given strict instructions and contraindications for having
intercourse. On the other hand, if it is a normal pregnancy, there is no risk of premature delivery or miscarriage by making love.

However, the baby may be "shaken" after a report in case the tip of the penis touches the cervix, but these shakes are identical to those felt after climbing stairs or a sports session.

It is possible to make love until the last day of pregnancy

Instead of abstaining from early pregnancy, it is possible to make
intercourse throughout the pregnancy and this is safe. Some doctors even advise certain couples whose baby is late in making their appearance to proceed with the trigger in Italian. It is the fact of having intercourse to speedup the arrival of baby thanks to the prostaglandins contained in the sperm of the future father. These are hormones that cause contractions and promote labor.

Know that making love can also encourage the baby to arrive faster because the oxytocin secreted during the female orgasm causes contractions.

The baby can not hear intercourse

Thanks to the amniotic liquid pouch, not only does the baby feel nothing but he does not hear anything. He is not likely to witness your hugging session and is even less likely to keep the sequelae. On the contrary, the pleasure felt and the endorphin secreted during the report are felt by the baby and give him a feeling of well-being and floating which makes this moment a pure moment of relaxation for the three protagonists.

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