Every day, many women are victims of violence in different countries of the world. Although the sanctions imposed by the authorities are burdensome to the perpetrators, the rape rate does not tend to fall. To remedy this problem, a female anti-rape condom was invented to protect them from rapists! We explain everything.

Rape is considered an assault, during which the rapist forces the victim into a intercourse act by using such means as violence or threat. This one is therefore not consenting!

Rape is punishable by law in most countries, but although the rapist is subject to punishment, the damage done is irreversible. Indeed, the victim has physical and mental consequences of this act. In addition to the violence (blows, injuries ...) suffered, the victim can also be infected by the rapist if he is carrying a transmitted disease, or getting pregnant. Not to mention, the psychological impact that rape can have on the victim. According to the companies, the victim can be blamed for "attracting" the rapist, which will cause her to self-guilty. It will therefore develop complexes and enter into a state of ill-being difficult to manage.

The rate of rape varies by country, but it is very high in South Africa. This is precisely what inspired Sonette Ehlers, a laboratory technician to invent a female condom for anti-rape use.

Be careful!

Sonette Ehlers, who worked in a blood transfusion service, had the idea of inventing this condom when a rape victim told her that she hoped to have teeth in her vagina. The idea came to her to create an anti-rape tool that she named Rape-Ax.

It is a device resembling a latex condom containing a kind of pointed and sharp stems pointing inwards, which the woman must insert into her vagina.

This tool makes the intercourse act very painful for the man, because in case of penetration, his penis will be trapped in the condom filled with stems. His reflex will be to withdraw and this is where he will feel even more pain because the condom will remain stuck to his penis and can only be removed by surgery. Meanwhile, the victim will be able to escape, while the rapist who goes to the hospital to remove the condom will be arrested by the police.

The Rape-Ax is therefore a good way to protect women, especially since it plays the same role as a normal condom, protects against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. It can stay in a woman's vagina for 24 hours and is inserted as a tampon. It therefore presents no danger for women.

This invention has not been widely publicized and is still under development. It received favorable opinions but also criticisms. Many people think this device can make rapists more violent and aggressive.

Normally, every woman should feel safe where she lives and does not have to put that kind of device to be protected from rapists. This is the role of the law and the authorities. But in countries where protective measures are not taken and sanctions against rapists are not enforced, the Rape-Axis can be an effective solution.

What do you think of this anti-rape device? Do you think it will be practical?
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