Here Is The Surprising Effect That This Woman Obtained By Rubbing An Onion Against The Back Of Her Hand!

Curing your ailments using ingredients you have at home is a very good way to save money and benefit from the riches of nature. You may not know it but you have in your pantry a magical food that you certainly have not thought to use to cure your colds, ear pain and itchy skin: it is onion . The next time you cut it out for the taste of your dinner, try to keep a piece of it to treat some of your health problems!

Health problems to treat with an onion:

Soothe burns and promote healing

If you accidentally burn your hand while eating, the natural painkiller you need is certainly within reach of your hand: the onion. This vegetable has antiseptic properties that help you to soothe the pain, protect your skin from infections and speed up its healing. Simply apply onion juice a few times a day for several weeks to speed up healing and reduce the chance of keeping an unsightly scar at the burned place.

Relieve itching

The mosquito bites are very frequent in spring and summer and do not fail to spoil the pleasant evenings outside. To reduce the itching and soothe the skin, rub a piece of onion around the area of the sting. Thanks to the sulphide it contains, it will quickly dissipate the sensation of discomfort and will provide you with comfort and calm.

Reducing Ear Pain

Ear pain is very bothersome and uncomfortable. To soothe it, cook an onion at 450 degrees in the oven for 15 minutes, then let it cool before cutting in half and extracting it in juice. Carefully filter out any small particles, then pour a few drops into the painful ear. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce inflammation and pain, but also to clean your ear from wax corks.

Unclog a congested nose

You probably feel very frustrated when you lose your olfactory faculties because of a stuffy nose. In addition, you have even worse when the blocked nose is accompanied by additional pressure on the sinuses. To debouch your nose and breathe better, cut an onion and place it in a bowl then inhale it for 4 to 5 minutes. The sulfur compounds that it releases guarantee you a fast and effective effect.

Fighting flu and colds

If you are trying to get rid of cold or flu symptoms a little faster, cut an onion in half and place it on a dish next to your bed while you sleep. Its antiseptic, anti-infectious and expectorant properties will act on your respiratory system at night and help you to effectively reduce the intensity of the symptoms.

The next time you suffer from a small bobo, head for the kitchen rather than your doctor's office.

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