This Woman Is Giving Birth Prematurely So That Her Husband Can Take His Baby In His Arms Five Days Before He Dies

Losing a loved one is one of the greatest tragedies of life, it does not leave us indifferent, memories and nostalgia can haunt us, and the pain of this loss can accompany us all our lives. This pain is just as great when we know that this person's time is near and we can not do anything about it, a very hard time. Here is the amazing story of this couple who managed to snatch a moment of happiness despite the death that will separate it.

Mark and Diane Aulger are expecting a baby, but this happy event was marred by a terrible event that weighed on their hearts: Mark had only five days to live!

The horrible news

Mark, 52, was diagnosed with colon cancer in April 2011. After six months of chemotherapy, he began having trouble breathing, according to CBS News. Because of chemo, he developed pulmonary fibrosis. He went to the emergency room on January 3, 2012, and a few weeks later, he was informed that his condition was hopeless while the couple's baby was not born until January 29th. This only meant one thing: Mark would never see his daughter.

Mark's only wish

Mark really wants to see his future baby, and thinking he may not see him makes him unhappy. At the same time, Diane's gynecologist determined that the baby's lungs were well developed, and that he was in good health. In front of this good news, Diane chose to do an early delivery so that the wish of her dying husband becomes reality.

The birth is scheduled for January 18, two weeks ahead of schedule. Once the baby "Savannah", as his parents named him, was born, Mark held him in his arms for 45 minutes. "We cried all that time," Diane told ABC News.

Mark was awake and conscious on the day of birth, but the following days were harder for him. He had just enough strength to hold Savannah for about a minute each time. "I put it on him when he was in a coma a few times, and his hand was still moving towards her." Diane told ABC News.

The death of Mark

Mark fell into a coma on January 21st. Two days later, when Diane noticed that her indicators were falling on the monitor, she realized that it might be their last moments together.

"I put her in his arms and held her hand until he stopped breathing," said Diane.

Mark's death left Diane with a newborn and four other children, but she is not alone. Several people support her, including her eldest son. But grief is still there despite this help. Her eight-year-old daughter, Ava, drew her father's face on a balloon and wore it saying, "It's dad, daddy's always with me!", Diane told reporters.

Diane is a devoted woman who invests body and soul for her family, an honorable wife who wanted to fulfill the wish of her husband even in his last moments of life.

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