Alarming Signs Of Breast Cancer

As cancer is the leading cause of death in the world, it is important to track the onset of this disease to increase its chances of recovery. Diagnosed at an early stage of the disease, it is possible to heal. However, it is still necessary to know the alarming signs.

In fact, according to a study conducted in England, one in six women in the United States reports a symptom of breast cancer to their doctor. Generally, the precursory symptoms of breast cancer are the appearance of breast lumps, a change in the appearance of the skin of the breast, a change in the shape or size of the breast, a ganglion in the armpits and a flow through the nipple. However, other lesser known signs may indicate breast cancer, so check them out!

The 5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer


A scientific study has shown that a woman with moles on her entire body has a 13% higher risk of developing breast cancer than a woman without moles. Indeed, these are an early indicator of the appearance of this type of cancer. Any particular changes to a mole or new grains are symptoms that should be reported to your doctor to rule out all serious conditions.

A hoarse voice and an irritating cough

Sometimes cancer, including breast cancer, spreads to the lungs, causing a hoarse voice and a persistent, irritating cough. Statistics show that 60 to 70% of all cancer patients have metastases to the lungs that cause dry coughs and shortness of breath on a daily basis. If you have a chronic dry cough and a change in your voice and breath, consult a health professional.

Bladder and bowel disorders

The majority of cancers have warning signs including bladder and bowel disorders. Indeed, during breast cancer, women undergo a hormonal change that leads to dryness of the urethra and incontinence. They suffer from urinary leakage while sneezing, exercising, coughing and coughing. Moreover, they can not refrain from urinating. Problems of urination must push to consult, to rule out serious leads.

An intense and unexplained tiredness

Among the symptoms found in most cancers, along with unexplained weight loss, intense fatigue and no particular reason may indicate that the person is experiencing a chemical imbalance in the body caused by the disease. All cancers are concerned by this alarming symptom to be taken into account in order to screen for this condition.

Unexplained pain in the back

Several scientific studies reveal that breast cancer can be responsible for unexplained and intense back pain. Patients usually feel pressure on the ribs and spine that can extend to the upper back. Of course, before making any hasty conclusions, it is important to check with your doctor about the origin of this pain.

It is important to know the alarming signs of a disease, such as breast cancer, so that you can diagnose and treat it as best you can. The best way to avoid cancer and / or manage cancer is screening. Remember to get tested regularly!

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