Alcohol Is Responsible For 7 Different Types Of Cancer, Even In Small Amounts!

In the evening with friends, in family reunions, or at a candlelit dinner, a beer, a glass of wine or a delicious glass of champagne are never refused. Promoting relaxation and good mood and helping to digest large meals, we do not hesitate to serve. However, a recent study has upset all beliefs related to alcohol consumption: the latter, even drunk in small amounts, would be responsible for 7 different types of cancer. Let's do a check in.

As part of the almost daily eating habits of many people, the alcohol consumed in moderation was considered, until today, as safe or even beneficial to health. Indeed, a glass of red wine a day would help, among other things, prevent cardiovascular disease, limit the absorption of fat in the body and reduce the risk of diabetes.

However, a study by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has shown that alcohol consumption, whether excessive, moderate or low, is closely linked to a high risk of developing 7 different types of alcohol. cancer, namely breast, colon, rectum, liver, esophagus, mouth and throat cancer.

Alcohol, a major risk factor for cancer

According to the report of the ASCO Cancer Prevention Committee, the link between cancer and alcohol, regardless of the type of alcoholic beverage consumed, has been firmly established: it is responsible for more than 5% of cancers . 

Indeed, in addition to liver cancer, which is favored by cirrhosis, generally due to excessive consumption of alcohol, it also increases the risk of cancer in women. For them, drinking a glass of beer or wine a day, even with a low alcohol content, would mean an increased risk of developing cancer by 9% and that of suffering from breast cancer 5 times . 

In addition, the report also emphasizes the fact that the more a person increases their alcohol consumption and the longer the duration of this consumption, the greater the risk of developing cancer, especially with regard to cancers. ENT.

The report also highlights the high mortality rate associated with alcohol consumption: nearly 3.3 million deaths worldwide are due to poor alcohol consumption.

The new ASCO recommendations

Being aware that it is impossible to force society to ban all alcohol consumption, ASCO has chosen to downgrade the recommendations of the CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Thus, instead of 1 drink a day or 8 per week maximum for women, and 2 glasses a day or 14 per week maximum for men, the ASCO, to reduce their risk of cancer and mortality related to the latter, recommend the first to drink 1 glass or not at all alcohol per day, and the second, 2 glasses or not at all alcohol per day.

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