Mom Gets $16 Million After Nurses Pushed Her Baby Back In During Delivery

Childbirth is one of the most difficult experiences a woman can endure, but also one of the most wonderful, a gift of life, a new beginning and an indescribable joy. However, a childbirth does not always turn as desired, there are certain complications or difficulties that can occur during childbirth that depend on the body of the pregnant woman, but also maternal care offered as evidenced by the history of this mom.

The different types of childbirth

There are several types of deliveries, and a woman may have to choose one of them for her own reasons:

Natural childbirth

In this kind of childbirth, the mother gives birth to her baby naturally. It can be done in the hospital or at home but under supervision of qualified personnel to accompany and care for the mother and baby.

Medically assisted childbirth

In case of a mother's health problem, or a potential danger to the child's health, the doctor can opt for a forceps childbirth, which is an instrumental extraction of the baby, a vacuum assisted childbirth, or a childbirth caused if the pregnancy exceeds its term.

Premature childbirth

In some cases, a childbirth may occur earlier than expected, usually between 23 and 37 weeks.

Cesarean childbirth

Because of a concern for the health of the mother or the child, the doctor can opt for a caesarean childbirth if it is the best solution.

A natural birth planned

Caroline Malatesta was no stranger to the birthing process, she was already the mother of three children, but this time, she decided that the birth of her fourth child would be done naturally. "Brookwood Baptist Medical Center" is a local hospital that promised Caroline that he would be able to provide all the help she needed for a natural birth.

Their advertising campaign first aroused the interest of Caroline, who decided to do a natural birth, and it was a legitimate medical decision. She chose this hospital because she felt it would be the best option for the birth of her child. Once the moment of childbirth came, nothing happened as planned.

Things did not go as planned

Caroline began to feel strong contractions a little earlier than the expected date of childbirth, and the attending physician was not present. In an effort to restrain Caroline from pushing, to wait for the doctor's arrival, the nurses forced the woman to give birth on her back, which was in opposition to the natural birth plan that had been discussed before.

As soon as the baby started pulling her head out, Caroline tried to adopt the four-legged posture she preferred. Not only did one of the nurses force her onto her back, but one of them even pushed the child's head inside her mother's womb.

The doctor finally entered the room and the nurses became more relaxed. After the end of the birth, Caroline and her family decided to shed light on this case. Caroline suffered intense pain after birth, which led her and her family to wonder if she had been hurt during the birth.

Mom Gets $16 Million After Nurses Pushed Her Baby Back In During Delivery

She tried to schedule a consultation at the same hospital to clarify things, but after being sent on false leads, she decided it was time to start a lawsuit. Then it turned out that Caroline was suffering from a nerve injury after giving birth, which caused her permanent pain, and she could not have sex or have any other children.

Justice delivered 

It took two years of legal battle, but Carolina finally received the compensation she deserved. Courts have found Brookwood Hospital to be responsible for medical negligence and fraud for failing to provide the type of maternal care advertised. As for Caroline, they gave her $ 16 million for the damage she had to endure, and it is a valuable reminder to medical institutions to be honest in their advertisements.

Caroline was contacted by many women who were victims of the same medical negligence who praised her for her approach, which was a sort of confirmation of what happened to them, which greatly strengthened Caroline's position to continue her struggle.

Mom Gets $16 Million After Nurses Pushed Her Baby Back In During Delivery

Everyone must be able to trust medical institutions in case of such a need, and justice must be done as quickly as possible for any victim of medical negligence. For her part, Caroline hopes her test will motivate more women to be heard in the future when the chosen medical institutions have failed to provide the necessary care.

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