What You See First In This Image Reveals Your Subconscious Fear

Depending on the situation and the ordeal we are facing, we feel one or more emotions. The latter are reactions to emotional, environmental or psychological stimuli in relation to the history of each individual, that is, their past, their life history, their intellectual abilities and their state of the moment.

Many emotions can be felt like joy, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise, contempt and fear. The latter is illustrated when we face situations of threats or physical and / or psychological dangers. Physiological reactions may appear as tremor, sweating, upset stomach, pulse rate or redness. This state is normal, even positive, because it leads us to avoid or overcome the danger. However, when this emotional state becomes chronic, it becomes pathological. By the way, another fear is possible, it's subconscious fear.

What is subconscious fear?

Subconscious fear is the consequence of a part of our brain that records without our knowledge every event of our existence. Indeed, our brain is split into two distinct parts, one of which manages the rational and the other emotional. When an imbalance appears between these two zones, conscious and unconscious repercussions are visible in our behavior and our life in general.

Thus, it is necessary to know what is our subconscious fear in order to get rid of it and live fully, without negative interference. To help you discover it, make this simple test and discover the subconscious fear hidden in you!

The test to discover his subconscious fear

What You See First In This Image Reveals Your Subconscious Fear

To discover your buried fear, just take a look at the picture above. Just note the first thing you see on Vladimir Kush's board to get the result and its meaning.

And now, here are the results of what you saw:

If you have seen a knife first, your subconscious fear is a serious or even deadly disease. You fear having a terminal illness without knowing it because you are afraid of suffering and / or dying at any time.

If you have seen a caterpillar first, your biggest hidden fear is to be confronted with a ghost. You dread the idea that ghosts or evil spirits appear and haunt you at times, such as when you go to sleep or are depressed.

If you've seen a butterfly first, your subconscious fear is treason. You fear being hurt regularly or facing rejection or abandonment, whether in the professional or personal field. However, you manage to hide this weakness.

If you saw an apple first, your subconscious fear is death. Not necessarily yours but rather that of your loved ones. You may have already lost someone who is dear to you and this traumatic event has left a legacy in your subconscious. You can not stand the thought of losing someone.

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