Signs That Ovarian Cancer Is Developing In Your Body

Ovarian cancer is known to be a "silent killer" because it can appear without symptoms until it is sometimes too late.

Ovarian cancer is caused by tumors that develop in the cells of the ovaries. And as you may already know, all cancers are easier to heal if they are detected earlier, and ovarian cancer is no exception. For this reason, we present the early signs of ovarian cancer that every woman must know in order to remedy it as soon as possible!

12 early warning signs of ovarian cancer

Frequent back pain
Back pain is a problem that affects many people, but in some cases it may be a precursor to ovarian cancer. If you have frequent back pain, you should talk to your doctor about the cause.

Pain in the lower abdomen
The type of pain associated with ovarian cancer can appear both in the lower abdomen and in the pelvic area. You should definitely be concerned if you feel pain in this area for several days, then talk to your doctor if this is the case.

Irregular menstrual cycles
Irregular rules are always annoying and always leave a doubt, especially when you do not want to get pregnant. In addition to this understandable worry, having an irregular menstrual cycle can be a worrying sign; that of ovarian cancer.

To be tired all the time
Being tired all the time is never a good sign, having an unhealthy diet and not doing enough physical exercise might be behind your fatigue problems, but if you also feel some of the symptoms already mentioned in this article in addition to fatigue, you should probably do a gynecological checkup.

Losing your appetite
Losing your appetite at once is an obvious symptom if you were often hungry before. Just like other signs, you should talk to your doctor if it's chronic.

Have nausea and vomiting
Having nausea and vomiting is very alarming when it is combined with irregular periods, constant tiredness, back pain and an unexplained loss of appetite. Frequent nausea and vomiting may be a symptom of ovarian cancer.

Bloating is another obvious and serious symptom. If you have bloating after eating a lot of fiber-rich foods, such as beans, then it's a normal gastrointestinal reaction. If bloating is not correlated with an increase in the consumption of fermentable foods, consult a doctor.

Increased urination
An increase in urination may in rare cases be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Note that having to go to the bathroom frequently can also be a sign of diabetes or overhydration.

Persistent gas or indigestion
Persistent gas or indigestion is a symptom similar to the previously mentioned bloating. Since a tumor on the ovaries can grow to a large size, this can be a problem for your stomach, it could actually be "squeezed" by a tumor.

If your stomach and digestive tract have trouble digesting food, it will usually cause constipation problems. If constipation is also followed by bloating it could be a sign of ovarian cancer.

Vaginal bleeding
This kind of bleeding can be a symptom of many different things, including some venereal disease diseases. Having heavy, irregular and intermittent bleeding can also be a precursor to ovarian cancer.

Sudden and consequent weight loss is often a symptom of cancer that develops somewhere in the body. Note that weight loss itself may not mean anything, it becomes dangerous when you eat a lot, but still lose weight.

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