You Have Always Been Told That The Cream Nivea Was Good

The skin is the organ of the largest and heavier body. Its role is to protect us from external dangers. This organ is quite sensitive and should be well maintained and kept in good health at all times. To do this, the skin must be regularly hydrated.

Good hydration is important because when the skin lacks water, it loses its elasticity and firmness. Moreover, dehydration of the skin, especially that of the face, is a common problem that is often found in winter or during climate change. Heating or air conditioning will dry the skin. But other factors such as stress, poor lifestyle (lack of sleep and unhealthy diet), poorly adapted cosmetics, or some drugs can also be the cause of dehydration.

One of the most famous and best-selling skin care products: Nivea cream. It was created in 1911, and it sells to nearly 100 million boxes a year in the world! This revolutionary cream with so recognizable fragrance is among the best products that facilitate the hydration of the skin. However, this cream does more than just moisturize the skin. In addition to its low price and availability, its strengths (smoothness, richness and inimitable fragrance) are the elements that have made its success and longevity.

The mythical blue box of Nivea hides a secret as well, here are some of its advantages:

- Moisturizes your cuticles

To remove your cuticles easily, apply a little Nivea cream on it and massage for a few minutes. Then you can cut them pretty easily.

- Eliminates foot cracks

Apply Nivea cream on cracked feet and put on socks before going to bed. It hydrates your feet and keeps them hydrated and soft.

- Eliminates wrinkles

If you want to eliminate visible wrinkles on the corners of the eyes, you should only spend a little Nivea cream on this part every night before going to bed.

- Softens your knees

Apply a Nivea moisturizer on your knees to make them soft and prevent wrinkling of your skin.

- Headdress ears

If your hair is stubborn and hair does not go in the same direction as the others, put some Nivea cream on your hands and flatten the locks.

Nivea cream is a powerful moisturizing agent that can easily prevent stretch marks, especially during pregnancy.

- Hydrates hands and lips

Apply a little cream on your body to keep your skin hydrated and protected against sunburn.

- Treats skin burns

If you have burned yourself in the kitchen, apply Nivea cream on the affected area to reduce inflammation and soothe the pain after running water on it for at least 5 minutes.

- Hydrates the skin of your face and removes make-up

Apply a little cream on your face, then cover with a damp towel and let the cream act for half an hour. This will moisturize your face deeply and make the skin softer.

To remove makeup from your face, all you need to do is put some cream on your face and clean with a cotton pad.

- Cleans and hydrates the elbows

If your elbows are dry and dark, put a little Nivea cream on the dry area this will help soften and moisturize.

- Reduces dark circles

Apply the cream before your eyes before going to bed to avoid the appearance of dark circles the next morning.

Here are 3 signs of skin dehydration:

- Rough touch: the skin of the face lacks suppleness and softness. It can even sometimes seem gritty.

- Appearance of fine lines: by pinching the skin of certain areas of the face such as the forehead, the eye area or the cheeks, small lines of dehydration can form.

- A feeling of tightness: it is often after the cleaning stage that the dehydrated skin of the face begins to shoot.

All skins need daily care to be flexible, mitigate the signs of aging, treat imperfections ... So, do not forget to hydrate yours!

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