hydrogen peroxide

We all have some common products that we do not use optimally. This is the case of hydrogen peroxide, which is also called hydrogen peroxide. Far from being a simple disinfectant for superficial wounds, hydrogen peroxide offers other surprising uses!

The 10 Benefits of hydrogen peroxide

Disinfect the ambient air
To destroy bacteria that remain in the air and prevent their growth, use an air purifier and disinfectant. You can prepare it by mixing 2/3 of clear water and 1/3 of hydrogen peroxide. Then pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray into the room you want.

Clean toothbrushes
We do not always think about it but the toothbrush is a nest of bacteria and viruses can spread through them. To avoid this, soak your toothbrush from time to time in a glass of oxygenated water.

Remove stubborn stains
To remove stubborn stains such as sweat, blood, wine or food stains, apply oxygenated water to the fabric, scrub with a little detergent and then wash as usual. In addition, hydrogen peroxide can be used to launder laundry.

Treat foot fungal infections
Thanks to its disinfecting role, hydrogen peroxide heals skin conditions such as fungal infections of the feet. In curative and preventive treatment, all you have to do is to dilute the oxygenated water with clear water, in equal parts and then pour the mixture into a sprayer. Apply every night on your feet and between your toes before going to bed for an effective result.

Prevent certain hearing problems
Hydrogen peroxide helps remove ear wax, especially in people who practice regular water sports. Simply put your head flat and pour 2 drops of olive oil into your ear. Add 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide and leave for a few minutes. Finally, tilt your head to empty the ear of fluid and earwax. If a popping noise appears when you add the hydrogen peroxide, it's perfectly normal!

Treat calluses and corns
In the form of foot bath, hydrogen peroxide treats calluses and corns. Indeed, it softens the horns of the feet while disinfecting the blisters. Thus, you will find soft and healthy feet!

Relieve skin infections
Used in bath water, as well as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide helps remove infections. Simply dilute 25 cl of hydrogen peroxide in a warm bath and dive into it.

Clean the skin
When we suffer from skin problems like acne, we try all the methods. However, a cotton swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide rids the skin of rashes and stubborn pimples.

Relieve dental pain
To relieve tooth pain by eliminating bad bacteria in the mouth, causing bad breath and cavities, make a mouthwash. To do this, mix coconut oil with hydrogen peroxide, make a gargle then spit it out. Be careful not to swallow the mixture and finish with an oral rinse with clean water.

Remove pesticides
To remove pesticides from food products including fruits and vegetables, use hydrogen peroxide when cleaning. The latter will disinfect them while leaving them fit for human consumption, insofar as the food is not damaged. Be sure to wash and dry foods to keep no trace of this product.

Hydrogen peroxide exists in different dosages ranging from 10 volumes for medical or skin care, 20 volumes for hair and hair discoloration, 30 volumes for laundering and detaching, or 60 volumes for bleaching materials such as the wood.

Caution: It is important to define what type of hydrogen peroxide you want to use and for what purposes. In addition, never allow children to wear and if swallowed, contact a poison control center as soon as possible. Hydrogen peroxide should be used with care.

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