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Bodybuilding Books

Bodybuilding Books

With so many aspiring bodybuilders, there are just as many potential trainers trying to sell bodybuilding books they claim to be filled with unique and revolutionary systems that will change the way people perceive bodybuilding, and improve bodybuilding performance countless times. 

Now, we all know that a good trainer can do exactly that, make you achieve performance you didn’t think possible, get the best out of you and help you turn your physical aspect into what you only dreamed of. Unfortunately, there are also those that try to sell old tricks wrapped in new packaging, in an attempt to take money out of your pocket and preying on your hopes of getting a nicer body and of changing to a healthier way of life. We found some of the most sought after bodybuilding books online and we took a look to see what they had to offer.

Vince delMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building greets you with the author’s imposing physique from the cover and tells you that even though he used to be skinny, he found a way to change that by coming up with his training system. 

Apparently, the system he proposes is oriented towards skinny persons with low muscle mass who want to bulk up but haven’t succeeded in doing so as of yet. The author has some reasonable credentials in that he is a contributor to a few men’s health magazines, and also seems to denounce the use of unnecessary supplements and reckless training, so he might be on to something. Also, the buzz amongst users seems to be quite positive in that the author of this book is really offering a genuine bodybuilding alternative to those looking for one.

Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat, Build The Muscle is another one of the myriad of bodybuilding books with a claim to fame with the promise of revealing a secret for fat loss that nobody else would reveal. As in the previous case, the author condemns the use of supplements that are not only unhealthy but also don’t offer the desired results. Tom Venuto’s credentials come from a lifetime of activity in the field, both as a body builder and as a nutrition expert, and it seems like his book has been welcomed by many and put to good use by quite a few. If you’re looking to burn fat and all else failed, it wouldn’t hurt giving this a try.

Sean Nalewanyj’s The Truth About Building Muscle is another book that offers the truth behind the myth. The third of our presented bodybuilding books showcases a training system meant to help you achieve great results by only working out around 3 hours every week. Users seem to have been happy with both the limited duration and the results of the system, and it doesn’t seem like it would hurt to give this a try.

There are so many body building books out there that it gets incredibly difficult to choose the right one, especially with the threat of a rip-off hanging over your head, so to ensure that you make the right decision, check the credentials of the author and the opinions of other users before taking money out of your pocket.

Bodybuilding Books