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Acidic Foods and Weight Gain

Acidic Foods and Weight Gain

Acidic Foods and Weight Gain

Acidic body encourages the overgrowth of yeasts and fungi which interferes with digestion and absorption. Nutrient deficiencies may lead to weight gain. In addition, yeasts and fungi produce toxins in the colon that may enter the blood stream. The liver have to work extra hard to get rid of the toxins in the body and compromises its ability to metabolize fat and sugar. The liver also produces large amounts of bad cholesterol to bind to toxins.

Fat protects our body from environmental toxins, food preservatives and other chemicals found in processed foods. To prevent toxins from circulating in the blood throughout the body and damage our organs and tissues, the body stores fat that can bind to toxins and buffer against acid. High protein diets are usually more acidic in nature and may backfire in our weight loss efforts.

To prevent the body from holding on to its fat stores, we have to eat foods that help to balance our body pH. An easy way to help optimize our body pH is by adding freshly squeezed lemon juice into your water. This helps to alkalize our body pH. It is also great for cleansing the liver. Do not use bottled lemon juice found in the supermarket and do not add sugar.
Although lemon is acidic in itself, when digested and absorbed by the body, it produces alkalizing effect in the body.

Also, reduce the consumption of sugar, salt, unhealthy fat, meat and dairy products. If possible do not eat any processed, packaged, prepared and refined food or drink any alcohol.