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Exercising and Workout Principles : Change it up!

Exercising and Workout Principles : Change it up!

Exercising and Workout

“Despite the fact that I jog 2 miles on 4 days every week, I’m just not losing weight,” is a common complaint that I hear from exercising individuals. This conversation quickly turns to a description of specificity and overload, and how these principles determine the achievement of fitness goals.

Specificity and overload are the two major principles of training progression. The principle of specificity states that training effects derived from an exercise program are specific to the exercise performed and muscles involved. The principle of overload states that for a tissue or organ to improve its function, it should be exposed to great stimulus than it is normally accustomed to.

Individuals must understand that in order to progress, they need to keep their exercise routine challenging. If someone is jogging the same 2 mile-route on 4 days of the week and their fitness level is not improving, perhaps this person needs to up the ante and jog it a little faster or take on a  various, more tough route.

Perhaps this person should alternate exercises with one that is lower impact in nature to develop aerobic conditioning in other muscles. Adding a brief morning workout in addition to the late day run can speed up metabolism as well.

There are many ways to achieve fitness goals. If you need fitness advice, consult with an exercise professional who can help you to stay on target with your goals. Contact the American College of Sports Medicine to find a certified exercise professional in your area.