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Flat Belly Diet : The Four Week Eating Plan

Flat Belly Diet : The Four Week Eating Plan

Flat Belly Diet
There are three very simple rules for the Flat Belly Diet eating plan. The first rule: Eat 400 calories
per meal and four meals per day (for a total of 1,600 calories per day). Second rule: Eat every four hours. So you will be eating a meal every four hours. Third rule: Include a monounsaturated fatty acid with every meal (some MUFA ideas include: almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, cashew, etc).
Five categories of MUFAs: 1. oils 2. olives 3. nuts and seeds 4. avocados 5. dark chocolate

There are lots of recipes in the book as well as recipes for vegetarians. Also included is a food journal. You have to write down what and when you eat, your hunger level before and after the meal, and emotions related to the foods you are eating.

My favorite part of the book is their “optional” Flat Belly Workout that includes cardio to burn fat, a strength component, and core exercises to tone the midsections. They have photo illustration of strength and core exercises that you can do at home. Also they have two versions of each exercise – a hard version and an easy version.

In my personal experience, the best way to get rid of belly fat is by doing aerobic exercise. Not doing crunches or abdominal exercises as I used to believe. I borrowed a book on running for beginners from the library, started the training following the instructions in the book. In three months, I got rid of my flabby belly without changing my eating habits. Flat

 Belly Diet
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