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How Does the Jenny Craig Diet Work

How Does the Jenny Craig Diet Work

Jenny Craig Diet Work

First, the client sits down with a Jenny Craig consultant to review their current eating style, activity level and weight loss mindset. Then, the consultant customizes a lifestyle plan to help the client lose weight. The Jenny Craig program focuses on three critical areas for weight loss: Food, body and mind.

1. Food
Their diet model is balance, variety and moderation based on the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Clients learn how to plan meals, control portions and develop healthy eating habits. You can choose their pre-planned menus or create your own menu by selecting from their 80+ entrees and snacks. The meals in perfectly sized portions according to your personal calorie needs will be delivered to your house by courier. Clients will enjoy three meals and three snacks every day featuring Jenny Craig’s meals plus their own grocery foods.
Here is a one day sample of Jenny Craig menu based on a 1200 calorie level:
Jenny’s Cuisine  meals Client’s own grocery foods
Breakfast Banana nut cereal 1 cup nonfat milk
Snack “Anytime Bar” 6 oz nonfat yogurt
Lunch Jenny’s dressing All-American turkey burger Garden salad 1 cup strawberries
Snack Unlimited vegetable sticks
Dinner Chicken fettuccine “Anytime Bar” Unlimited carrots
Snack Double chocolate cake

In addition to following the menu, the client needs to write down any extra food eating and the reason why. Also write down their hunger or satisfaction level before and after a meal or snack.
  1. Body
A Jenny Craig consultant will work with the client to develop a weekly activity plan. The goal is to gradually increase the client’s physical activities. As the client’s physical condition progresses, the activity plan will include intervals or cross training and a strength component to burn more calories.
  1. Mind
The client can have the weekly consultation with their consultant either face to face in the local center or over the phone. Every week, the client and the consultant speak to plan their weekly menu and physical activities. The weekly meeting or phone consultation also helps the client stay motivated, overcome any difficulties, get tips and advice, and keep the client on track. According to Jenny Craig, in a recent clinical trial, Jenny Craig participants lost five times more weight than those who dieted on their own.

The Jenny Craig program promotes healthy dieting and exercise to lose weight. Eat balanced meals and choose from a variety of food groups. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables; choose low fat dairy, whole grains and heart-healthy fats.

The value in Jenny Craig’s program, in my opinion, is that you get to learn how to plan your meals with the right portion sizes according to your calorie need and weight loss goals. Most importantly, you get the support (whether emotional or resources) from the consultant who also act as an accountability partner to keep you on track. If you know nothing about weight loss and are not very disciplined, then this could be a good program for you.