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Making your own Anniversary Card

Making your own Anniversary Card

Did you forget your anniversary? You did? No, do not worry you are not alone! 
It is one of the biggest mistakes made by couples all over the world. So now, you must be thinking about ways to woo your partner right? Why dont you try to impress your partner by making your own anniversary card? Sounds good, right? There are no special skills required and all you need is a little bit of time and effort. Paper/Cardboard Cards You would need a cardboard or a thick sheet of paper for making this. 

Research on the design or come up with your own. Keep the cardboard/paper flat if you want an open card or fold it if you want a nice folding card. Draw the design on the cardboard/paper with a pencil and then cut it with craft scissors. Now use a stencil to draw the decorations on the inside and the main page of the card. Use crayons and pencils to write the words on the front of the card. Use decorative paper for making designs and paste them on the card. Then write your message and you are ready to go! Online Cards Online cards are a good option if you don't want to go for a real one or you just don't have the time to make one.

There are lots of free greetings site on the web and you can customize the cards with your own words and design. You can write your own unique poetry or use a gallery of photos to make the card even more special for your partner. You can choose a background song which you both like. Tell the story of your relationship through photos, quotes and songs.

A little bit of effort and a little bit of creativity from your side can go a long way in touching your partner and making the occasion even more special. Now lets talk about the messages. They need to be as much reflective of your relationship as they can be. You need to go all out and express your feelings for your partner. Listed below is a sample to help you with the writing. 

I will walk in the rain by your side .
I will cling to the warmth of your hands .
I will do anything to make you understand .
I will love you more than anybody can Like it? 

Here is more! 

My love grows for you every time I see you You are not the perfect husband but you are the perfect man for me. 

Thank you for yet another year of bliss I may not be able to keep you happy forever but I will be with you forever Thank you for being you .

Thank you for filling my life with happiness and joy .

Life is living for someone who is happy because of you, so I am living because of you .

You make my life go round and round, what would I do without you? 

And the last one: 

I promise to never, ever forget this day again in my life.