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Shake Weight For Men & Women Review: My Own Results

Shake Weight For Men & Women Review: My Own Results

Shake Weight For Men Women

Long before I decided to write this Shake Weight for Men review, I have to tell you I was a major skeptic. Like so many others, I saw the guy on TV shaking this dumbbell away, and I thought this piece of fitness equipment had to be some kind of a joke. It looked like it was far too easy to really give any kind of solid results, so I mocked it. Yet as I was walking through a sporting goods store, I saw it on the shelf and picked it up and starting shaking away. I went home that very day and ordered one

What Changed My Mind

The fact is that how this weight feels in your hands and how it looks on TV are two very different things, and I definitely wanted to tell everyone that in my Shake Weight for Men review. When I first picked it up, I will be honest. I looked for the on-off switch. Of course, it didn’t have one. So I started shaking away with the thing, and I realized right then how it’s supposed to move. It moves with your own movement. Now, while I was standing in the store, I didn’t shake it for more than maybe 30 seconds or a minute, and you are supposed to shake it for a full six minutes for a complete workout. However, I could tell in that short period of time that it was giving me an amazing workout.

At Home

As soon as my weight arrived at home, I started using it. It comes with an instructional workout DVD, so I followed the DVD the first few times I used it. Afterward, I just did my own workout right in front of the TV each night. It was absolutely easy to do in the sense that it’s convenient, but it’s not easy in the sense that it’s not a solid workout. With the weight of the dumbbell and its innovative design, not to mention the rapid muscle movements on my part, this is definitely a workout. If you are reading my Shake Weight for Men review, you need to know that this thing really does give you an intense yet short workout.

The Results of My Shake Weight for Men Review

I wanted to wait a few weeks before writing my Shake Weight for Men review to see what kind of results it would provide. I have used it almost every day for a full six minutes as recommended for about a month. I have seen a little increase in muscle mass, but the real results are in the toning and increased definition. This is in my arms as well as my chest and back, too. The flab is just about gone, and my muscles have a definition that they just have never had before. It’s really amazing.

Other Results and Shake Weight for Men Review

You may be wondering if the results I’m talking about in my Shake Weight for Men review are common or if everyone experiences these same results. Here are a few other comments I found posted online from other users:
I like the ‘burn’ every time I use it. Great product!!! Marcus, Amazon.com

Where to Buy It

I mentioned earlier in my Shake Weight for Men review that I saw this in a local retail store and then went home to order it online. That may seem strange to you, but I’m a frugal man. I went home to see if I could find it cheaper somewhere else, and I sure did. The retail price for this weight is $36.95, but I got mine from online for and I got a 100% 30 days Money Back Guarantee too! Plus a great Bonus DVD called Upper Body Skulpting. So, I would recommend you go straight to their site and get this Special Offer….