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Weight Loss & Health

Weight Loss & Health

Weight Loss  Health

After researching on the different weight loss tips and diets (Mediterranean, Zone Diet, etc), I’ve realized that it all comes down to the basic rules of healthy eating and lifestyle. All those new diets, new gimmicks are just ways to keep us interested and buy more stuff.

When did the food industry become like this? With so many choices that we don’t know how to eat anymore. I’ve realized that I shop at the local farm market more and more. The food they sell are in its original form (not processed). Right now, I am not trying to lose weight. I used to count how much food I ate, fussing over what I ate and worrying a lot about gaining weight. Right now, I consider food as a mean to make me healthy. I just go to the local farm market and I can buy almost anything there because most came directly from the farm. I just make sure I include vegetables at every meals and eat fruits everyday. It has made my life way easier than counting calories. The basic rules of health are still the same as in Hippocrate’s time (460-337 B.C.) when there are no commercials to brainwash us on how we should eat and look.

1. Eat the proper amount and type of food to get the nutrients our body needs. (Google Canada’s Food Guide. It is a good resource and if you can’t find it, just leave me a comment and I’ll email you a copy). 2. Avoid harmful chemicals, hormones or foods high in calories, fat, sugar or salt (just think natural, avoid processed foods). 3. Be active everyday