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10 Signs You Are In Relationship With A Narcissist Personality

10 Signs You Are In Relationship With A Narcissist Personality


Narcissistic people are everywhere and the risk to cross them are very large. Colleague, friend, partner or close family members can be a narcissistic and may tend to make your life difficult. Here is why it is important to recognize them so as to move away ...
Narcissism is a strong self-admiration. This term originates from Narcissus, a character from Greek mythology who fell in love with his reflection in the water.
Narcissistic people are usually attractive and pleasant to be around at the beginning. But once you get to know them, you realize their face.
These people can be exhausting, something that will have a negative impact on your wellbeing. As a couple, they can be downright toxic. If you suspect your partner of being narcissistic

here are 10 signs that reveals the narcissistic person with no doubts.

1 - They lack compassion
Narcissistic people show a great lack of compassion, although they seem very friendly: they always know how to act or what to say to seem honorable.
They may be evidence of involvement, caring and be very attentive, but after a while, they eventually reveal their true face. You may notice that they lack compassion by simply observing how they treat people who are less advantaged, but also through their position vis-à-vis intolerance for others mistakes.
2 - They modify the facts
Narcissists tend to modify or adapt the facts so that everything is in their favor. They can delete information or add others to prove their point. In general, they do not hesitate to change everything according to their interpretation of things, which can be completely different from reality.
3 - They are manipulator
They apprehend the fact of being rejected. That's why they try to fit the situation in advance, so that everything will be in their favor and they did not even need to ask something.
4 - They are Rule Breaker 
Narcissists think they are special people and think that rules or norms of society, no matter what they govern, do not apply to them.
If they do not show it by action, they do not hesitate to express or complaining about it.
5 - They have grandiose personality.
Narcissists have no problem criticizing others, but when the roles are reversed, they take it very badly. When they feel judged negatively, they may become aggressive or stand on the defensive. Even if they are not directly criticized, narcissists do not accept any detail that can question them.
6 - They criticizes others
As pre-mentioned, narcissistic criticize may others. These people are always afraid that their faults are highlighted, that's why they project their own insecurities on others, by issuing criticism or negative judgments.
They try, in fact, hide their imperfections by drawing the attention to those of others.
7 - They are always looking for compliments
Contrary to the image that they return, narcissists do not really trust them. They have low esteem of themselves. This is also for these reasons they still need to prove their worth, but also to hear compliments.
Some narcissistic person may even have self-criticism, so that others could contradict them and make them compliments.
8 - They are self praising 
Because of their low confidence, narcissistic people are imbued with themselves and tend to constantly brag about their merits. Guided by their oversized egos, they do not hesitate to let their qualities and exaggerate their accomplishments and abilities, to give a better image of themselves.
9 - False Image Projection
Narcissists always need to be smart and are obsessed with their image. They pay much attention to their appearance and that of those around them. For example, a narcissistic person will take care of the look of his/her children or partner, not for their sake, but for their image.
10 - They are always looking for the best things
Narcissistic people always want to have the best of everything: the best house or car, the most competent doctor, the best phone ... They need to have everything they believe to be the best including more expensive objects.
These people also tend to compare their possessions with those of others and are always looking for something better. This personality trait shows that narcissists are actually superficial people, and that nothing is ever enough. They are always looking for the trendiest and most refined things.