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5 Reasons You Need Physical Touch Every Day

5 Reasons You Need Physical Touch Every Day

5 Reasons You Need Physical Touch Every Day

We often tend to believe that physical contact has necessarily to be a love making. That may be the case with regard to the animals but for humans, it is quite wrong.

We need physical contact because that is what motivates us to perform every act we undertake. It is only when deprived of this relationship with the other we realize how lack is there, and the heavy loneliness.

Certainly the sight, smell, hearing and taste are very important, but the feel is the direction that generates the most beneficial and the most positive impacts. In addition to the pleasant intimate bond linked to physical contact between two people, the body secretes hormones that relax the whole body and cause a deep sense of wellbeing.

1. For the healing and recovery

To help you overcome trauma you suffered, you need physical contact. There are many treatment methods based on touch: massage, chiropractic (healing and relaxation technique only with hands), acupressure (a way to stimulate acupuncture points with the fingers). In short, anything that involves touching to relieve stress.

Try these methods to help you reduce the weight of your burden. You will feel much lighter afterwards.

2. For Mental Health

As said earlier, the touch contact can really help people who tend to have negative thoughts. If you're one of those people, being physically touched by another person makes you feel that you transmit positive energy.

By laying his hands on you, it can feel and understand your pain. Leave these people relieve you of your ailments.

3. For the other

Physical contact makes you closer to your surroundings and those who really want you to succeed in life. By opening yourself to others, trusting them your pain, you create links but also a path to a future cure.
By sharing your pain through physical contact, you create a powerful connection and you help each other feel better. The effect of touch is magic!

4. To capture the attention

Physical contact is more to help you achieve your goals at the moment. If you ask eg your hand on the shoulder of someone talking to him, you automatically look in the eye because your hand is the symbol of what you want most at this moment: his attention.

Now if you're shy, you're struggling to approach people or to express yourself, try this trick by talking with the person, it will put you more at ease and make your job easier.

5. Communication

Body language is the most vital in the world. We often underestimate its importance when it is universal. It is essential to convey our intentions through our body with the physical contact. Think welfare feeling when someone hug you. This simple gesture is a way to make him feel loved, wanted and secure.

If you are among people who do not like to be key, it may be time to try! There are various ways to share this intimate moment. If you are single, do not forget that you have your friends and family. Touching has so many benefits , so it would be a shame to miss.