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7 Signs That Your Partner Sleeps With Someone Else

7 Signs That Your Partner Sleeps With Someone Else

7 Signs That Your Partner Sleeps With Someone Else

Fidelity is one of the foundations of a strong and a harmonious couple. But sometimes boredom, constant disputes or too strong a temptation can lead to infidelity, which is usually the sign of the death warrant of the relationship. To find out if your partner has a mistress, here are 7 signs that do not lie!

For a relationship to last, you have that mutual trust that is rooted in marriage. However, a fit of jealousy and a little vigilance does not hurt. So if you want to make sure that your partner is not seeing elsewhere, it's not worth asking for explanations of each of his actions. All you have to do is to observe, objectively, if his behavior suddenly changed.

Here are 7 signs that your partner sleeps with someone else:

1 - Get late in office at night

If your partner used to get a more or less fixed times, and suddenly, he has increasingly need to stay late to finish office spots or to advance a project that he has never mentioned before, there may be something fishy. But before you rush, make sure first that it is not telling the truth.

2 - It takes a lot more time to reply to your messages

Generally, man is very responsive and meets his text messages in minutes. But when it comes to one of you, he takes his time or simply do not respond. Another sign that may indicate that he is busy elsewhere and is hiding something: he never separates from his phone or he changes the PIN. So what's there so confidential there?

3 - It has less desire to be close to you

A man emotionally and physically satisfied from elewhere, will not take the initiative to be in touch with you. Worse, he will always find a pretext to evade your advances and procrastinating your intimate moments. So if you notice a drop in libido of your partner, without being affected with a stressful situation or particular problems, it can only be the sign of his infidelity.

4 - He paid more attention to her appearance

If your partner is suddenly more attention to his dress and appearance have 30 minutes longer than usual before the mirror to examine his look, maybe he is trying to impress his new conquest.

5 - It goes directly to shower

If your partner runs to the shower as soon as he crosses the threshold of your home, even if he does not particularly hot and that his job does not require physical exertion, know that he is trying to get rid of his infidelity marks. A foreign perfume or a lipstick spots are an irrefutable evidence that will not escape your femal intuition!

6 - His performance in bed has changed

When it comes to love, each couple has its own ritual. So if your partner starts overnight to want trying new positions with you or has a different way of kissing, there is reason to wonder where do all these changes! Talk to him and follow your womanly instinct. With it you will know if he just wants to break the routine and impress you, or if these are lessons learned in the arms of another.

7 - He offers no special occasion gifts

Receiving gifts is always a nice thing. But if your partner, who forgot to give you a gift on your birthday, starts to overwhelm you with gifts without a specific reason, it may be the suffocating voice of his conscience that is trying to buy your pardon!