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9 Things You Must Immediately Stop Tolerating

9 Things You Must Immediately Stop Tolerating

Must Immediately Stop Tolerating

In life, sometimes we have to accept certain things and live with but there are also things that it is important not tolerate. Certain habits and attitudes that we unconsciously adopt are apparently banal, but they can have a (negative) impact heavily on our daily lives and even our lives. Here are 9 things we do but we must absolutely stop tolerating to become the best version of ourselves!
1. A job you hate
Work is not only a way to earn money, but also a source of fulfillment and happiness. Many people do not like their job, if that's your case, maybe it's time to reevaluate your situation.
Leave his job position is not always the right solution ... To identify the problem and the reasons why you hate your job, ask yourself these questions: Is this the way? Colleagues ? The boss ? Lack of creativity? Schedules? Or some customers? Does your attitude needs to change? Should your strategies and approaches to change?
2. Think about the mistakes of the past

past mistakes (part of the PAST) should no longer haunt you ... Living in the past prevents to live and enjoy the present moment and encourages you feel helpless. The best thing is to learn from your mistakes to move forward and overcome setbacks.
To release negative thoughts and get rid of the mistakes of the past, live the present moment and enjoy the small pleasures of daily life. Think about going to a movie, or to vibrate to the beat of your favorite song, fall in love, walk barefoot on the sand, fly or take a family dinner, life is made of simple things ... To start a good foundation, simply to forget the past and not to remain suspended in the future, live the present moment!
3. Missing sleep

Depriving yourself of sleep can make life miserable! An adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep less than 7 hours may result in a bad mood for that day and increase the risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease, depression and diabetes.
To sleep better, go for meditation, yoga, or enjoy a read before sleep.
4. Speaking with self-harm

Do you speak badly to / from yourself? You criticize youreslf and you always point your flaws? You feel guilty too because of your mistakes? If so, it's time to stop abusing yourself!
Speak ill of yourself is an attitude that you must absolutely stop tolerating! This indicates a very low self-confidence and is extremely detrimental to your emotional well-being. Believe in yourself and you stop devaluing these negative judgments will not help you move forward in life. Talk to yourself as if you advise a best friend, be more optimistic, soothe that little internal voice to the negative waves and open yourself to other perceptions while remaining reasonable.
5. Toxic relationships
Be in a toxic relationship is one of the most destructive things ... It is true that no one is perfect, but being in contact with a negative person or live with, is not just good for you. Often people remain in such a relationship for fear of insecurity, meet financial problems or fear of being alone.
To get rid of a toxic relationship, it will start by loving yourself first. Once this is done, you do more than we tolerate disrespect you, that you bullied, or they will hurt you. Remember that it is better to be alone than bieng in bad company.
6. Heavily indebted

Debt can cause significant stress and impair the quality of your life. It is important to keep them under control. You can even save money if you live within your means.
If you do not earn enough money to live comfortably, think about what you can do to earn more, or trying to improve your lifestyle (made less than shopping on a budget, makng the shopping list before 'go to the supermarket…).
7. Compare to others

If you compare yourself to others that's will deprive you of your own happiness! Remember that when you compare yourself to someone else, you do not compare yourself to the appearance. Appearences are often not what they really seem !
Each person is unique and has its own talent, try to look and compare yourself to others will not bring you more happiness ... Remember to compare yourself to yourself! Evaluate your progress and go forward. Compare your current version with a previous. Work on yourself, go without worrying about others. Make your own experiences and keep your enthusiasm while remaining authentic original, do not try at all costs to be like the others. Besides, who told you that they are happy?
8. chronical Stress

In life there are always hard times, times of stress and melancholy ... But do you live often in a state of chronic stress?
Stress affects the physical and emotional health. Indeed, when stress becomes chronic that can accelerate aging and increase the risk of certain diseases such as fibromyalgia , obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, mental illnesses such as anxiety, phobias and depression.
Consider adopting a regular exercise, meditate, do yoga and opt for a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet, good sleep ...).
9. Use uncomfortable things daily

If your clothes, shoes, chairs, sofas and beds are uncomfortable, consider replacing them with others more comfortable and more practical solutions. If you regularly use the objects that make you feel uncomfortable, try to replace them with others to make your life easier