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By Doing This, You Will Never Suffer Form Cracked, Corns Or Calluses Heels

By Doing This, You Will Never Suffer Form Cracked, Corns Or Calluses Heels


There are many people who neglect their feet during the winter and try to catch up to the arrival of the summer time when they expose themselves. But without regular care, hydration, or because of several other factors, the feet start suffering from an accumulation of dead skin cells that can eventually cause corns, calluses and cracked heels. An unsightly problem and sometimes very painful. If you suffer from cracked heels, this piece of article is going to help you. Check out this fast treatment and effective so as to have soft feet!
Feet, heels, are supporting our weight. This part of the body, including the skin is very fragile, so there is pressure when we walk, which can lead for cracks to appear. Indeed, faced with these pressures, the skin reacts by producing keratin to thicken its surface, inducing the development of corns. And when it is not adequately hydrated, it starts cracking.
Initially, the cracks are very slight and much less painful, and it is precisely at this point that it should be treated. Otherwise, cracks turn into deep crevices that are  very painful and may even bleed. At this stage, consultation with a physician is necessary!

Other factors may also favour the appearance of crevices on the heels,such as overweight, wearing uncomfortable shoes, going barefoot, standing for long periods, as well as health problems : hyperthyroidism and diabetes.

Thus, the development of corns and the appearance of cracks are primarily signs  that indicate lack of care, where the interest to bring as much attention to feet so as to preserve them.
Thus, Exfoliating and moisturizing treatments are essential. they will help get rid of dead skin which facilitate the absorption of moisturizing products. Try to use natural tips rather than for cosmetic that are full of chemicals. For example, olive oil and coconut oil are excellent moisturizers. They should  be applied  before sleeping, then wear socks to better penetration. so that your feet will be fed, and softened.

If the damage is done, should be treated in time before the case worsens.
Here is an effective remedy to heal cracked heels and soften horns.
- 10 tablets of aspirin
- 250 ml of medical alcohol 70 °
- A strip of gauze
Crush the aspirin tablets to powder for which you've added alcohol. Put the mixture in a glass bottle and let macerate for a few days.
Pour a small amount of this recipe into a strip of gauze, and then put it on the area affected. Wrap all with a plastic wrap before putting on socks.
You need to do this trick every night before sleep to let the ingredients stand for all night. The next day, rinse it with water.
Once your feet washed and dried, apply petroleum jelly or any other greasy cream so as to hydrate the feet. You can rub also  your feet by a  ponce stone before applying the cream.

After 10 or 15 uses, calluses and dead skin must start to disappear and your heels will become more softned and without cracks.
Don't forget to stir the recipe well before each use.

Advantages of this remedy:
Aspirin is the main ingredient of this recipe. Thanks to the Exfoliating compounds it containes, including salicylic acid, this medicine will soften the skin of the feet, and get rid of dead skin cells.
Aspirin is formidable against the horns . It can also enhances the healing of cracks and damage. It is vital to follow this treatment regularly so as to get the desired results.
Note that this remedy can also be useful in case of varicose veins. Just by applying it on the affected area  may help mitigate them and ease the pain.
Preventative tips  to avoid the appearance of cracks:
Wearing of comfortable shoes
Drink plenty of water that let moisturizing the skin
Adopting good hygiene for foot
Moisturizing feet