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Diet Meal Delivery Plans

Diet Meal Delivery Plans

Diet Meal Delivery Plans

For the laziest of dieters who really can't be bothered cooking, let alone preparing their own meals, weighing and measuring ingredients or come to that even shopping for the stuff, there are diet meal delivery plans available to do everything for you. That means you really have almost nothing, apart from eating the food, to do whatsoever! So what is this magical system of dieting that has been created just to placate the lazy person's need to do as little as possible?

Convenience Dieting

It's all about convenience dieting and there are several very well known weight loss companies that cater for the needs of those who just don't have the time or the resources to work a regular diet for themselves. This, of course suits the lazy dieter perfectly! The convenience comes in the form of every meal you will need to lose weight being provided for you by the company and those meals being delivered to your home, hence the common term referred to as diet meal delivery, or diet food delivery.
Each company works slightly differently to the next, so it's probably worth taking a quick look at each of the major ones to see what makes their systems worth looking at. These companies all operate at a national level and are able to deliver to most mainland addresses that are accessible by truck.


America's number one diet food delivery company is Nutrisystem. The name is well known thanks to their aggressive TV advertising campaigns using celebrity endorsees in the shape of Marie Osmond and Dan Moreno. The Nutrisystem diet is one of the least expensive of the genre, being made up of a proportion of processed meals, freeze dried packet meals, which can be stored in a cool pantry and fresh frozen meals that need to be stored in a domestic freezer. The package contains a whole 28 days worth of meals, comprising three main meals per day plus two additional snack bars for eating between meals. The main meal is accompanied by a dessert and it is these desserts that most customers give the thumbs up to. Costs vary as the company are always running special offers and discounts, but you can generally pick up a month supply of their meals for under $400, sometimes far less.

Jenny Craig

One of the biggest diet companies in the world after Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig supplies their customers with a month supply of meals that are a made up of processed and fresh frozen meals, depending upon the plan the customer chooses. The company is owned by the giant Swiss food company Nestle. Their diet plans are relatively expensive when compared to Nutrisystem although many customers prefer the quality of the food.


This is a smaller company that works differently to Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig in that they only provide a week's supply of three meals a day plus two snack bars and their meals are all fresh prepared to order and chilled for transport, so they arrive on your doorstep fresh and not frozen. You store them in your fridge and eat as you need them. This system is one of the more expensive to use, eDiets meals are probably the best in terms of quality of all the companies reviewed here.

Bistro MD

Here is another company that supplies seven days of meals to customers. The only difference is they supply the meals prepared to order and frozen. This results in very high quality meals that are second only to eDiets and the quality is only slightly less because the meals are frozen and not shipped fresh.

Sonoma Diet

This is a newer diet delivery company that supplies a seven day diet menu that is fresh frozen. Their meals are also high quality and their diet sheet plans allow for a glass of wine at the weekend, something the other diet companies do not allow.

There are other diet delivery companies that provide diet meals at local level, for which it would pay to do a local search to find suitable companies.