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How to Survive Being Trapped In Your Sinking Car

How to Survive Being Trapped In Your Sinking Car

Survive Being Trapped In Your Sinking Car

Drowning is probably one of the ways to die the most terrifying. In most cases, the victims die because they do not know how to react to this situation. According to statistics, about 400 people die each year in the United States because they were stuck in cars that sink. How to save your life?
The two most common fatal mistakes to avoid .
In this situation, panic tends to take precedence over thought and prevents the victim of reasoning to find the fastest way to escape. The first mistake is the habit that some people to call for help, hoping they arrive in time to save them. Unfortunately, they may fall on an inexperienced partner who will not know how to handle the situation and the victim will lose his life while waiting for help.
Another mistake that victims is to wait for the cockpit to fill with water to equalize the pressure with that of the lake or river, before trying to open the car and swim away from it. Unfortunately, this method requires a lot of time, and the victim loses consciousness due to lack of oxygen before they could open the door.
It is also very important not to try to open the windows, hoping to preserve some oxygen because not only, this will not work, but it will cause a sense of panic gradually as water will fill the car.
Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, University of Manitoba gives us a 4 steps solution to save our lives in such a situation. He currently teaches those responsible for responding to calls for help in Florida how to help people who are in such situations. His process only takes 30 to 60 seconds, the time that makes the difference between life and death.

The process of survival of Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht:

1- Detach your seatbelt.
2- All the windows alongside the passenger or break them, even if water starts to enter the car.
2- Get the children out through the open windows, always beginning with the largest one, and ending with the smallest. If you have a car whose rear windows do not go down or if you do not have enough time to break them down, pull out the front passenger first so that he clear the way, then pull out those sitting in the back.
4- Swim to get away as much as possible from the vehicle. This will prevent that it attracts you towards flowing background.
To ensure the success of this survival plan, always have at hand a small emergency hammer, screwdriver or any other object capable of breaking the glass, and a sharp object or scissors to cut the belt safety if blocked.