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Lose Weight In A Week With Detox Diet

Lose Weight In A Week With Detox Diet

lose weight detox diet

I got many email from my reader ask about how to lose weight in a week with detox diet. Most people ask me about possibility use detox diet. I know about detox diet since 2 years ago, in my opinion, I am not recommend to use detox diet to get success weight loss

I will explain why I am not using detox diet in my lose weight program

Detox diet lose weight in a week with detox diet

Detox diet still controversial issues today. Because everybody knows, Human body already has its own detox machine. Science fact, your body is able to remove toxins in the body. There is even an experiment to compare two people, first person use regular diet, and the second person use detox diet, and then after a few days, being observed, Result show same result between two people. So there is no difference whatsoever. In this case concluded detox is useless because the body already has own detoxification.

The second detox diet approach is to seek the causes of allergies, for example, we eat only fruits for a few days, then begin to introduce other foods the next day, next day another protein in stages and examined the reaction of the body. Some instances, this method can eliminate certain foods that are not suitable for our body.

Another result of this detox diet is weight loss is quite significant because it consumes only fruits. This make our daily calories are very small. And this makes our weight down quite dramatically. Weight loss as it is the decrease in muscle mass (something that should be avoided) due to fat loss will not be possible soon. But this is precisely the result desired by many people, so that this condition causes the myths surrounding the detox diet to lose weight is spread everywhere when it deviated from the original purpose of a detox diet.

Weight loss with detox diet and muscle mass that makes up our metabolism is also decreased. What is bad with this condition? Usually after a successful drop a few pounds, then in the not too long, our weight will go up, unstable effect is very high, and there was a lot to some people who ask me.

So what should we use lose weight in a week with detox diet? My suggestion don’t use detox diet, because the detox diet as the name itself is not intended to lose weight. There are still other ways that are healthier to lose weight.