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Never Go To Bed Without a Lemon In Your Socks!

Never Go To Bed Without a Lemon In Your Socks!


Your feet support all your weight when walking and they are constantly locked, choked. All this contributes to a situation of discomfort and weakenss of feet. Even if they appear more rigid than other parts of the body, it is important to take great care to spare them from some unpleasant skin conditions such as cracked heels.
Pumice, pedicures, creams and specific treatments can be costly. To use some natural tips that can represent a saving alternative! Lemon, in this case, can work wonders on your overall health and a huge well in your feet. Find out how to make a bath of your feet with this fruit, while enjoying all its virtues.

The Lemon Feet Care

Application :
Cut a lemon in half. Press both halves to extract the juice and place a piece on each of your heels, then hold them with adhesive tape or strips and put your socks.
Let the lemon to take action on the skin of your heels for at least one hour or preferably overnight. You can use the juice to make peeling or exfoliating like to get rid of dead and dry skin and smooth your heels.
How The Lemon Acts ?
Lemon peel contains two potent compounds, limonene and Salvestrol Q40, which fight against diseases and skin cancer. Its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants helps hydrate, firm skin and fight many skin disorders. Furthermore, the active ingredient of the lemon (citric acid) is a powerful exfoliating and cleansing helps remove dead skin cells.
You may take other virtues of lemon and its strengthen action such as consuming the zest. To do this, put a Bio lemon in the freezer, once frozen fully grate it. Then make your juice with the grated lemon or add to your favorite juice. Lemon peel contains five times more vitamins and nutrients than just juice. It is rich in flavanones glycosylated, such as naringenin and hesperidin, which help regulate blood glucose (blood sugar levels).
The handling of certain citrus peels can cause dermatitis in some sensitive people. Common signs include difficulty breathing, rash, itching around the mouth. It is advisable to wear gloves if you develop this sensitivity, and avoid touching the peels in case of respiratory disorders. Lemon peel is also recommended for people who have gallstones or kidney disorders because of they are riche in oxalates. Several scientific studies have proven the link between a high concentration of this substance and the kidney stones