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Sushi Goes Well with Sake

Sushi Goes Well with Sake

Sushi Sake

Sushi has become a very popular type of food in the United States.  Until a couple of decades ago, sushi was considered very exotic.  These days, nearly everyone in the United States has tried sushi. Sushi has been common on the west coast for decades.  

Today, nearly every city has at least one sushi restaurant.  It is now common across the country.  One reason why sushi has become so popular in recent years is the fact that many sushi dishes are fairly light and healthy.  Sushi consists of special rice mixed with meat or vegetables.

These meats and vegetables are often raw.  Raw fish is a common staple of sushi restaurants.  Very often, the fish and vegetable are rolled in seaweed, which is then coated in rice.  These rolls are somehow both filling and light.  

The rice and vegetables expand in your stomach, making you feel full.  The raw fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids and is quite flavorful.  Spicy tuna, salmon, and eel are common sushi rolls.  Fatty tuna is one of the tastiest types of sushi.  If raw fish is served by itself without rice, it is called sashimi.  Sushi must contain rice to be considered sushi.  Sashimi is very tasty, too.

Most sushi restaurants serves sashimi as well as sushi and other dishes.  Some people are reluctant to eat raw fish.  Most sushi restaurants serve vegetarian and cooked sushi rolls for patrons who do not eat raw fish.  It is not uncommon for a sushi restaurant to contain a sake bar

Sake is the traditional alcoholic drink of sushi restaurants.  It is a fermented rice beverage that has been drunk in Japan for hundreds of years.