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Life’s gotta be fun. For the sake of fun, in the name of fun, whatever you wish to call it, Sam and I are on a mission to “man him up”.

So, you ask, what’s undergoing improvements? The high-pitched Ricky Gervais voice, the random bird-like squawks, the politeness of well-bred elegant ladies are a few characteristics to name a few among others. To save himself and his manliness, Sam’s now resorted to an extensive use (and very random application) of colourful expletives, removed all habits of politeness from his vocabulary and man-ed up his lumbering stance. It’s funny how manliness is equated to crude language, assertive body language and a deep, hoarse voice. It’s a laugh to verbally spar with him and constantly remind him to bring his voice down a few, not decibels, but pitches.

Looking at the words on this post, it seems absolutely ridiculous I know. Just be who you are - that’s the best tip to life I reckon. It’s safe to say there’s nothing wrong with Sam now, past or future. He’s perfect the way he is. But don’t tell him that. It’s great fun to see him squirm and also, nothing’s taken to heart. In fact, I believe our friendship is getting stronger because of all the awesome jokes and verbal abuses that are ping-ponging back and forth.

It’s definitely not a move to make him over. I love my mates the way they are with all the heeby-geebyz that go with ‘em. Life’s no fun without them.

On that same note of fun, the craving for an omelette struck me round lunch time today and it hit me that I’d yet to take on my Tamago challenge from last year’s failed attempt. If you’re familiar with my previous Pseudo Tamago, you’d notice a change in this recipe and of course the way the egg roll looks in general. Glad the second attempt showed great improvement and also tasted a lot better!
This recipe serves 1. You can multiply the number of eggs and ingredients respectively depending on the number of people you are serving. It’s definitely a good idea to anyway as this means your 

tamago-yaki would be fatter and firmer. It’s sad cooking for one but don’t worry, it - in no way - reduced the flavour of this.

Tamago-yaki Ingredients

2 large free range eggs 1 tsp konbu soup stock/concentrated base 1 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp mirin 1 tsp soy sauce olive oil, for cooking

Beat eggs in a bowl. Mix rest of ingredients into the egg till it is beaten smooth. Heat a little oil in an egg-cooking pan and wipe off the excess.

Pour 1/3 of the mixture into the pan. If using a regular round frying pan, lift pan and whirl until the egg mixture spreads out evenly. When half-done, fold into thirds from the farther end, then slide the folded egg to the farther side. Pour half of the remaining egg mixture in empty space, allowing the egg to run under the roll as before. When half-done, fold with folded egg inside, making into a roll.

Cook the remaining egg in the same way. When egg roll is done, place on a bamboo mat and roll up tightly. Leave for 4-5 minutes to cool. Cut the egg roll into appropriate sized pieces.