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The Astrological Sign Reveals The Success Of Your Relationships

The Astrological Sign Reveals The Success Of Your Relationships


Without being a recognized science, astrology is not a "divination" which is very popular for thousands of years that determines the personality, temperament love and destiny referring to the exact position of the stars in the sky at the time of birth ...

Astrology: a divination that inspire curious minds since ancient times!

For centuries, astrology is a "science" People that resulted in thousands of writings and continues to inspire scientists and mystics ... It is a fun way to explore the personality but also discover that of your potential partners!

Astrology studies the influence of the stars on the personality and destiny of men based on the exact position of the sun, moon and the alignment of the planets at birth for better interpretation of  certain facts "terrestrial". Thus, 12 signs of the zodiac were created, classified according to the 4 elements: water, earth, fire, air.

Earth :
Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn. fixed signs, they are equipped with a practical mind and a calm temperament. They are little influenced by their surroundings.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. they have a strong personality (leader character), they are naturally very courageous.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. are Air signs that symbolize the intellect. People of this sign are naturally equipped with a philosopher mind.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. The water signs are naturally emotional, creative but also very intuitive.

It is often said that the combination of certain Zodiac signs can be successful (or not!) The success of a relationship, even inside the bedroom! According to Linda Goodman, an American renowned astrologer who wrote numerous books on love and sensual compatibility between the signs, there are profiles of "ideal" for each sign and it seems that the stars influence a life success of the couple. Here are some truths to know about the different signs of the zodiac!

1. Aries
The natives of this sign are naturally full of spirit and embody all the exuberance of youth ... Aries is eager to meet new people and is a very energetic and enterprising partner.

2. Taurus
For information, this sign is ruled by Venus, the planet that evokes sensuality and love ... When a taurus want to seduce, it does so in a very "slow", focusing on the sensory aspect: it will choose the best food, good wine, soft music, a particular perfume, etc. It will take time to create a specific atmosphere to reach the goal it has set.

3. Gemini
This sign has an intelligence and a natural charm. He does not like the love routine and is always looking for new ways to give or receive pleasure. Very dynamic and passionate, the Gemini loves communication in the relationship and needs to stimulate his imagination with words and games to better open sensually.

4. Cancer
Naturally sensitive Cancer will focus on creating a safe and welcoming space for himself and his partner. Like the Taurus, he likes to stimulate the senses with a delicious meal while listening to soft music to better "start" lovers games. Once the cancer has placed its confidence in his partner, he no longer has any taboo!

5. Leo
Ruled by the sun, the leo is a fiery sign, with a desire appeal that makes it naturally charismatic. It has a lot of success in love ... very clever to attract his "prey" in his bedroom, the Leo does not hesitate to use cunning to seduce. sensually voracious, it is a dominant person. It tends to leave an indelible impression with his conquests.

6. Virgo
Naturally suspicious, the natives of this sign will first analyze their wishes and take a step back before giving in to their primary drives. Virgo needs to keep control and will be very suspicious as well on his own feelings as those of his partner. If it evolves into a relationship based on trust and complicity, she will "let go" and express her best wishes. Virgin rarely appears frivolous and will first want to be confident to flourish better sensually.

7. Libra
With their sense of aesthetics highly increased, the natives of this sign love beauty. Intelligent and refined, libras like luxury . To engage in foreplay, they also love the naturally lush scenery to give free rein to their imagination.

8. Scorpio
Inveterate seducer, Scorpio is far from being a shy! He loves all sides of love (physical, psychological, emotional ...) The natives of this sign are naturally "rulers".

9. Sagittarius
very cerebral sign, Sagittarius has no sensual taboo and addresses sensuality in a very full and healthy. He loves those released and flees the amorous complications. The celestial centaur like unexpected surprises and lets joyfully bear by his impulses and the pleasure of meeting.

10. Capricorn
Sign often seen as cold and reserved, Capricorn is surprising because he prefers to reserve his freshness and ardor in the scope of his bedroom! But to achieve this, he needs to be confident and open to unleash his most shameful desires ...

11. Aquarius
Naturally contrarians, Aquarians are nonetheless very cerebral and not easily yield to their instincts ... Very imaginative, Aquarius love new experiences not to succumb to the routine. To feel safe, he likes to operate in a trusted relationship with his partner.

12. Pisces
very mysterious and very intuitive sign, the Pisce will seek to establish complicity with his partner and find a loving affinity even in the most furtive relationships. Sentimental and romantic, the Pisce is very receptive to the currents and exchanges that can "pass" between people. Naturally sweet and refined, the Pisces like to show his affection by gestures of tenderness and he is satisfied when giving pleasure to his partner.