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What Can You Expect From the Shake Weight for Men and Women

What Can You Expect From the Shake Weight for Men and Women


When it comes to fitness equipment, few products on the market today are generating the kind of hype that the Shake Weight for Men is generating. This product has a very eye-catching commercial that attests to an amazing upper body workout with just a six minute time commitment each day. The man featured in the commercials is ripped and buff, and men are looking at this product and wondering what it can really do for them.

Shake Weight for Men – Not as Easy as It Looks

The first thing you need to know about the Shake Weight for Men is that this product sure does look easy enough to use on TV, but in reality it does give you quite the workout. On the TV, it looks like the dumbbell-shaped fitness product may be moving through battery operation, but you won’t find batteries in it at all. The movement is generated through your own body’s movement. Weighing about six pounds, the weight is designed to create hundreds of muscle movements per minute, and through this movement, you get a fast, intensive, and effective workout.

A Toning Exercise

The man on the commercial for the Shake Weight for Men is designed to showcase strength and muscularity, but the fact is that this fitness product is designed to tone and can provide moderate strengthening benefits. While it cannot create a fully ripped look with muscles bulging everywhere, it can tone your arms, chest, and even back with precision so that your muscles show more definition. Through its unique movement, you can often see incredible results in just a few sessions, and growing results with repeated, regular use.

The Time Commitment

The unique motion and movement that you use with the Shake Weight for Men workout is designed to increase the upper body activity by over 300 percent when you compare it to the workout you get with regular dumbbells and weights. This means that you truly can get an amazing toning and strengthening workout with just a six minute commitment per day. You will feel the results of the movement and exercise in your muscles and will know right from the first workout that this exercise equipment really is working out great for you.

The Real Results

If you are wondering how solid the results are from using the Shake Weight for Men, you likely want to read through some of the many reviews others have posted about it. This product does have a four star rating on the Official Site and on other sites. Here are some of the many great comments you can find online about it:

I like the ‘burn’ every time I use it. Great product!!!