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What Is The Purpose Of Life : How Finding Life Purpose Of Your Life!

What Is The Purpose Of Life : How Finding Life Purpose Of Your Life!

what is the purpose of life

Have you ever asked yourself "What is my life purpose ?". And from that become stuck or pulled into tormenting levels of mental torture from within your own mind as to "What is it that I do specifically?". Then you are not alone, there are many millions of people who are trying to find purpose of life and I struggled with it personally for 4 years knowingly and for at least 10 years unknowingly.

It's one of the largest components of our lives, if we find it, then we are at peace and living a life of purpose, if we don't, we go around in a constant whirlpool of jobs, dates with different partners, sports activities, obsession with buying cars, houses, and any other things you could possibly imagine.

However once we find our lifes purpose, we seem to attract into our lives all the things we need to manifest our newly found direction.

The way to get a purpose in your life is, meditation and sitting quietly in a room for 15 to 30 minutes each morning before your days activities and at night time before you retire to bed.

By doing this and reflecting inwards, you will have thoughts pop into your mind, flashes of inspiration that will magically come out of nowhere during your day, or be dreamt about at night.

This is a strong signal of your life purpose, and you should put the building blocks of these messages into play as soon as you possibly can after being made aware of them by the universe.