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Why You Have Cold Hands And Feet. What Is The Treatment ?

Why You Have Cold Hands And Feet. What Is The Treatment ?


Want to know if you have poor blood circulation? Here are some tips to find out. If you notice numbness and tingling in hands and feet, a lower temperature or purple discoloration, it is very likely that you have poor circulation. This may sound terrible, but it's a common problem, and is easy to adjust and not as dangerous as it sounds when it is treated early.
Symptoms of poor circulation
-Temperature changes
- Muscle cramps
-Numbness and / or tingling in your extremities
- Skin infections, with cuts and wounds that do not heal as fast as they should
- A skin discoloration (red, blue, purple)
See your doctor immediately if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above. Make sure you deal with this problem, because if you do not, it can cause serious problems up to the amputation of a limb.

How to treat poor circulation naturally?

Visit regularly a therapist for a professional massage to improve your circulation. You can also practice some massages at home, always towards the heart. For example, start with the feet and go up to the trunk.
-Eat lots of garlic. This super food helps reduce lipid levels in the blood, and lowers blood pressure.
-Avoid eating too much animal fat such as red meat, butter or cheese. They promote clogged arteries, in long term, which decreases blood flow, altering its circulation.
- Drink alcohol in moderation, preferably red wine, or better, do not drink at all!
-Consume vitamin E, cayenne pepper and Ginkgo biloba, because they have a beneficial effect on circulatory problems due to their effect "boost"!
- Eat more foods containing fiber.
- Check your weight with your doctor: a healthy weight can help you in case of blood circulation problems, because it is sometimes linked to blood fats.
- Drink grape juice because the fruit is extremely draining.
- Avoid stressful situations and use relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation or yoga
- Avoid prolonged pressure on your joints (elbows, ankles and knees) because these are the areas that cut off circulation.
- Uncross your legs when sitting, do not wear tight clothes ...
- Do not smoke (mostly) not. Need we remind you that the tar Clogged heart arteries?
- Contrary to popular belief, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi and hot tub can help combat this problem, because they relax the muscles and enhances good circulation thereafter.
- Do more exercises can be very beneficial to you ... Nothing like sports to reactivate a sluggish circulation.
Given your sensitivity to changes in temperature, cover your extremities in cold weather.
Proper hydration is extremely important.