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Your Road to Spiritual Growth

Your Road to Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

When you seek spiritual growth, do you always find it? We certainly hope so, especially when we are in that stage in life when nothing seems to fall into place, when we feel there's something missing. Spirituality is not a pursuit that occupies most of us, but sooner or later, it becomes a purpose and when it does, it often becomes a priority. 

Seeking what is true The attempt to achieve high spirituality it begins with the acknowledgment that truth is a goal. Seeking what is true is a broad goal and is in fact a ripe target for many misconceptions and distractions, especially since there are many sources that provide easy, automatic answers on spiritual growth concepts.

Achieve high spirituality growth

The first step in the spiritual development process is to understand that truth is covered by many levels and may only be attained by uncovering each level as you go along. Personal growth is about accepting reality as it happens and knowing that it involves accepting everything that is good in our life (successes, capabilities, skills, good deeds) and everything that is bad (fears, failures, weaknesses, bad decisions).

Seeking what is peaceful Spiritual growth is a very common goal of every human being, whether he admits it or not is to become peaceful and find satisfaction. By achieving harmony within oneself, we learn about self-realization and understand the steps we need to do to achieve self-fulfillment.
Becoming aware Awareness is a virtue that can be learned through practice and willingness. In order for this to happen, we must learn to be aware of our greater purpose as part of our interest in what goes on around us.

Expecting struggle As you become more aware of your spiritual development it may feel awkwared as you discover your own personal power. In fact, every guru, teacher, coach, priest and spiritual teacher will tell anyone who willingly takes the path to achieve spiritual and personal growth that they should be ready to struggle. This struggle can mean anything, from opposing tradition, habits, established beliefs and preconceived notions.

Not doing anything is exactly the opposite of this goal. When we look at our impulses, for example, we find that by not doing anything, we allow these impulses to rule our acts, causing us to stunt our potential. When we understand how and why these impulses occur, we realize our limitations and what we need to change.

Accepting what cannot be changed Human beings have limitations and there will always be times when the effort to achieve it will be met with setbacks and distractions. When trying to achieve a higher state of being, some people make the mistake of assuming the 'super' human role – becoming infallible and invincible. When this happens, people, as it is commonly said, become victims of their own hype.

However, if spiritual growth is to successfully progress, we only need to look at what we cannot do and accept it, often a most painful and discomforting experience. Most experts agree that this is to be expected and that through acceptance, we learn not to look back and blame ourselves too much.

What has the stages of spirituality got to do with your life? It's easy not to have a purpose and just experience life like most of us does – living, working, functioning, doing what needs to be done. Unfortunately, many of us feel this is not the higher purpose we were all made to do. By wanting to be better, we actually celebrate our existence and contribute to everyone else's, and we do this by working on our spiritual growth.