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10 Tips How to Get Pregnant Faster

10 Tips How to Get Pregnant Faster

10 Tips How Get Pregnant Fast

Getting pregnant is the beginning of a completely unique adventure that will transform your life and your way of seeing the world. But sometimes the dream of becoming a mother and feeling grow in you may be a little soon to be realized. That is why we have gathered 10 tips to help you get pregnant quickly.

1 - Proper nutrition

Our base is the key to optimum operation of all systems. Besides, it plays an important role in increasing your chances of getting pregnant. According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, a diet rich in fiber, vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals reduces ovulation disorders, improve fertility and increase chances of pregnancy.

It is also important to avoid the consumption of acid-forming foods to prevent your cervical mucus is too acidic and kills sperm.

2 -Take supplements

A sufficient daily intake of vitamins and minerals is also important when it comes to put the odds on your side to conceive. So ask your doctor about vitamin supplements especially vitamin B9 - folic acid - which improves fertility and prevents birth defects such as spina bifida (a malformation of the spine), vitamin E which fights against aging cells and vitamin D which facilitates implantation.

Especially, do not take supplements or medication without consulting your doctor.

3 -Make a medical check

If you are planning to conceive a baby, it is recommended to take stock of preparation for pregnancy or pre-conceptional assessment to detect any disorder or health problem that might impact your fertility or cause complications during the pregnancy. If you are taking medication, ask your doctor if it has no side effects on your reproductive system.

4 - Having regular love making 

If you have an irregular cycle or you do not want to take your head with calculating your ovulation period, this is not a scoop, all you need to have regular love making to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Provided, of course, to have fun and not to consider them only as a means to reach your goal.

5 - Adopt positions favoring pregnancy

During love making, couples can try different positions. Or to support pregnancy, we must take positions that allow deep penetration, as closely as possible the male genital of the cervix, such as missionary or doggy. Thus you facilitate the access of sperm to the uterus and increase your chances of fertilization.

6 - Getting to know your menstrual cycle

One of the most used technology to support pregnancy is calculating the time of ovulation. To do this, we must draw a curve of your body temperature, measured daily, throughout the month. You can recognize your ovulation period with a slight increase in body temperature.

If you have a regular cycle, ovulation usually occurs around the 14th day. Since the egg lives only 24 hours while the sperm live between 3 and 5 days, plan to have love making during the fertile period.

7 - Facilitate access to sperm

The main function of the flora is the protection of the intimate parts against various external agents: bacteria, viruses or sperm. Try to make your intimate parts a less hostile environment for sperm, preserving the balance of flora, avoiding acidic foods that increase acidity, and avoiding the use of lubricants, buffers and other hygienic products can damage sperm quality and reduce your chances of pregnancy.

8 - Avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and drugs

It is clear that drug addiction, smoking and alcohol consumption have a harmful effect on health and can lead to death or serious illness. It is important to stop completely before trying to conceive to avoid the risk of fetal malformation or miscarriage.

Caffeine also on the list of foods to avoid during this period (and during pregnancy) because it reduces the chances of getting pregnant. According to research at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, about 3959 women consuming caffeine and processed by in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (CIHI), women who drank 5 cups of coffee per day reduced to half their chances of pregnancy.

9 - A healthy weight and regular physical activity

The weight and exercise also have a say when it comes to pregnancy. In fact, regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight proportionate to your size, you preserve the balance of your body and proper secretion of hormones, which helps to get a regular menstrual cycle. Overweight or excessive weight loss can cause hormonal disturbances leading to irregular or no ovulation.

10 - Reduce your stress level

Another important who plays for or against the design: your psychological state. Indeed, being stressed out because you can not get pregnant will only push more happy event, unbalancing your menstrual cycle or downright preventing ovulation. 

According to a US study of 501 women between 18 and 40 years, women with high stress levels saw their chances of pregnancy reduced by 29% and the risk of suffering from infertility increased twice. It is therefore important to keep calm and evacuate your stress through yoga, breathing exercises or meditation.