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20 Secrets Tips Toward Successful Marriage

20 Secrets Tips Toward Successful Marriage

20 Valuable Tips Toward Successful  marriage

What are the ingredients of a successful marriage? Our first instinct is probably not to ask a recent divorced man. However, the speaker here is worth being listened to because he tells us about the efforts that everyone should do to make his marriage work. Especially since he does not arise in marriage counseling but he humbly revealed the advice he would have earlier in order not to destroy a marriage that lasted sixteen:

1.Never stop wooing your woman
Do not take your wife and her love for granted. You must constantly prove that she was right to confide his heart by agreeing to marry you. The best way is to continue to woo her and to strive to seduce her.

2.Protect her
Love yourself and the people around you. But keep in your heart a special place for her where no one else can enter, but where you also invite whenever possible.

3.Fall in love with her again and again
People evolve. After a few years of marriage, you will both be very different from the day you have said "yes." This is why you should win you each other every day.

4.Focus on what you like about her
The things most attention is paid end up fat. If you focus on what you do not like at home, you will not see it. Conversely, if you pay attention to what you love, that love will grow. The idea is to see nothing more than the love you feel for her and all the wonderful qualities that underpin it.

5.Do not try to change her
Your role is to love her as she is. And if it changes, in the sense that you would like or not like the person she has become.

6.Your happiness is your responsibility
Her role is not to make you happy. Nor does the liability shall attach to her if you are unhappy. Happiness is something we must look within ourselves. Once you are happy, you will be able to benefit your relationship.

7.Never take your nervosity on her
You had a bad day at the office, then you are angry in traffic? Do not hold responsible. Try to calm down and take a step back from all these negative emotions. For this, your companion you can be of great help. If you have chosen this woman rather than another, that's probably she knows soothe your sorrows.

8.Support her
Similarly, you are not there to solve his problems for him. If you see angry or sad, be the shoulder and arms console where she can take refuge. Do not run away when she is upset. Stay and listen.

9.Humor puts oil in the wheels
The humor makes life simpler. So make her laugh and above all, do not take you seriously.

10.Give her a lots of love
Get to really know: his words, his facial expressions, what makes him happy, what makes her feel loved. In short, make her feel important, treat it like a princess. And this, every day.

11.Be real with her
Being physically present is not enough. In her company, give her your full attention.

12.Be available in love making
Make her constantly feel your masculine presence and desire, so she feels wife, loved and desired.

13.Do not be limited
Everyone makes mistakes and no exception to this rule. You can try to do as little as possible, but the most important is to learn to avoid repeating them.

14.Allow her freedom
Women generally tend to spend on others by forgetting themselves. So she behooves you to push to make time for it, especially if you have kids.

15.Show you weaknesses
Know how to show you vulnerable side before her, including recognizing your mistakes.

16.Share everything with her
If you want to gain her trust, you must first be transparent. It is difficult to open completely to someone, but if you want to have an authentic relationship, you should show even your shadows and weaknesses. Showing only the good sides of your personality and your life, will result in a superficial relationship.

17.Never cease to move forward together
For that your relationship continues to evolve through time, never cease to find new goals and common dreams.

18.Money should not be an issue
Money matters are subjects of endless disputes. So do not let them undermine your relationship. You are partners that advance together in life. Make money to be part of this partnership.

19.Always forgive her.
Once the dispute ended, forgive immediately what caused it. Do not let past mistakes hold you back is the safest way forward.

20.Love is the only real issue
In fact, it all boils down to that. If love is the basis of all your choices, your relationship can withstand anything. "They married, lived happily and had many children" is a phrase of fairy tales. In real life, a relationship is built stone by stone, as you live common experiences, good or bad. 

You must savor the good and learn from the bad. This, not forgetting that love is the foundation of what you are building.

If you are about to engage with the woman you love, I hope you can take advantage of these few lessons I've learned from my suffering. This is to be the husband that your wife is waiting and she can be proud.