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8 Reasons To Quit Smoking Today

8 Reasons To Quit Smoking Today

8 Reasons To Quit Smoking Today

In United States, 40 million people are  currently smoke cigarettes. Tobacco is a major cause of death worldwide. 6 million smokers die annually, half of those are who smoke. If these reasons are not enough to stop smoking, then those that we will detail in this article might be able to encourage you to do so.

Despite the commendable efforts of the Government to raise awareness against the dangers of smoking, many of them still continue to smoke. The cigarette contains more than 4,000 harmful chemicals or carcinogens! When smoked, it's not that nicotine we aspire, but also tar, ammonia, mercury ...

Here are 8 reasons to stop smoking today:

1 - Preventing cardiovascular diseases:
About a quarter of deaths due to cardiovascular disease is related to smoking. When you stop smoking, your circulation improves considerably and your blood pressure decreases, which reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. In fact, 48 hours after your last cigarette, you have less risk of having a heart attack, then after 5 years, your risk of having a stroke are the same as a person who does not smoke or less .

2 - Saving money:
If you smoke a whole pack of cigarettes a day, that means you spend just by cigarettes 7$ per day, 230$ per month or  2,760$ per year. You imagine what you can do with such a sum? Think of the savings you can make if you stop smoking; treat yourself to this small luxury bag that makes you making eyes for a few months, change your wardrobe or traveling!

3 - Be more productive:
When you stop smoking, you are not distracted your cravings. You no longer need to go out every time to smoke, something that can distract you. Thus, you will be able to focus on your tasks and be more productive.

4 - More self-control:
Self-control is the key to success whether on the personal or professional. People who smoke are aware that this act is harmful, but nevertheless continue to do so because they often low self-control. They do not resist the urge to smoke, but also to other temptations they encounter in life. So when you stop smoking, it means that you have better control of yourself. Consider doing yoga or another sport, to help you improve your self-control and reduce stress.

5 - Better Breathing:
Once you stop smoking, you may notice a marked improvement in your breathing right from the first 72 hours following the arrest. Over time, all breathing problems will disappear.

Stop smoking, it is also a major step to prevent lung cancer. Recall that smokers are the people most at risk of developing this disease, the consequences can be fatal.

6 - The food will taste better:
Cigarette often leaves a bad taste that lingers in the mouth and can hide that of other food ingested. Smoking can, in the long term, alter your sense of taste. In fact, smokers are known to have capabilities taste less efficient than non-smokers. Stop smoking you will enjoy your favorite foods again!

7 - More pleasant smell:
The smell of cigarette is easily permeates the skin, hair, hands and clothing. As a smoker, this little pleasant smell becomes habitual, while for the people around you, it can be unbearable. By stopping smoking, you will therefore get rid of this embarrassing and foul smell.

This act will also help you reduce wrinkles, favored by smoking. Indeed, smoking accelerates the aging process, and by renouncing it, there is a reduction of fine lines on the face.

8 - Better quality of sleep:
With the sensation of wellbeing it brings to its followers, the cigarette does not seem to have the ability to alter sleep. While this is the case. The cigarette contains nicotine, a powerful stimulant that can disturb sleep, like caffeine.

It is possible that the person knows episodes of sleeplessness during the weaning period, but these will disappear with time. And you can enjoy a good night's sleep.