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Her Boss Discovers That She is Homeless With 3 Children, What He Does Will Change Her Life

Her Boss Discovers That She is Homeless With 3 Children, What He Does Will Change Her Life

Angel Boss Discovers That She is Homeless With 3 Children,

The following story was filmed for the issuance of US reality show Undercover Boss, broadcast on CBS. The program main idea ? A great boss masquerades as new employee training, to check how his company works everyday. This story depicts Angel seller in the Modell's sporting goods store in New York, which is to form "Joey" (actually his boss, Mitchell Modell).

Michell Modell is impressed by discovering how the employee responsible for the train, Angel, attaches importance to customer service, an aspect he considers himself prime. She tells him she loves this work, which was not always the case. He then asked about her life.

She tells him she is pregnant at the age of 25 years, at a time when she was manager of a restaurant. Forced to stop working, she ended up homeless for a long time and lived for two years in a home with children 4 years, 3 years and some months, both in school. In front of the heartbroken air "Joey," Angel explains: "It does not matter. I do not want you to be sad for me. I've had worse. We slept in bus stops, we had no money to eat. " She added: "But life is improving. As you fight again and again, things will get better. "

Mitchell Modell, very moved, admits: "It's the first time I saw such a time ... It was literally broke my heart."
He said: "It was I who decided to pay our employees and think that one of them is homeless makes me sick. Someone like Angel deserves better and I know I can help. "

As is the concept of the show, Mitchell Modell then calls Angel. Touched by her story, but also grateful for her dedication to his business, he tend to greatly help her. He assigned her the assistant manager position with a premium of  over 13,000$ .

"It was more than I expected from a collaborator. You're talented and you hold in the company. You're the kind of person we need, "he justifies.

In tears, he offers her a check for 230,000$ , so she can leave her home and buy a new house. "I want you to leave this place immediately, tonight," he said, adding, "I never want to see you live in home." They fall into the arms of each other, incredulous and upset, Angel is collapsing on her knees. "I will tell my children that we never return to the home," she said finally. The illustration that perseverance pays off, but there are comprehensive and generous people in this difficult time.