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Warning: Why You Have To Avoid Consuming This Ketchup

Warning: Why You Have To Avoid Consuming This Ketchup

Avoid Consuming This Ketchup

We consume it with our chips without really knowing what it contains. Ketchup Heinz brand, although popular, is harmful to health. Here's why you should definitely stop to eat.

Well, we grant you, Heinz Ketchup is definitely the best ketchup market. But if the Israelis banned the brand the right to call their product "ketchup" is not for nothing. Is that there is something fishy!

In recent decades, the bio is growing. Is that people are increasingly aware of the damage that may have some industrial and processed products on health and prefer to turn to organic products. Heinz Ketchup is one of those foods that people banish their refrigerators. Here's why :

1 - It contains very few nutrients
See her pretty red dress, you'd almost made it to 99% of freshly picked tomatoes. Well think again. Heinz Ketchup contains only a paltry amount of tomatoes is also why the Israelis have banned its name "ketchup". It would essentially made from sugar, thickeners, chemicals and GMOs.

It contains therefore neither fiber nor protein or nutrients, unlike what we suggest ads. Indeed, this ketchup contains only a very low dose of lycopene, a natural pigment belonging to the carotenoid family and is responsible for the red color of ketchup. So, it would only contain very few nutrients or not at all.

2 - It contains mercury
This ketchup also contains genetically modified maize syrup in quantity, which itself is composed of a large dose of mercury-containing fructose (toxic heavy metal). Medical studies show that too frequent consumption of genetically modified corn syrup is very dangerous for health. The latter would be responsible for many diseases, including heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, liver disease ...

3 - Too much sugar
Here's another reason why this is very harmful. It contains sugar quantity. Even if you do feel slightly, analyzes product reveal anything else. One tablespoon of ketchup contains 5 grams of sugar (a piece). What fatten you and poison you.

4 - It contains distilled vinegar
And that's not all, it also contains distilled vinegar, itself derived from genetically modified maize. The latter is grown with chemicals and pesticides. Sugar, combined with distilled vinegar ketchup contains, increases the sugar level in the blood and can cause pancreatic and liver problems. A real poison!

In sum, this is very bad for your health. It is imperative to banish your fridge even if it may offend children. Health, we only have one! Why not opt for natural? Nothing better than making homemade ketchup.