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3 Best Fruits That Burns Fat

3 Best Fruits That Burns Fat

3 Best Fruits Burns Fat

You want to lose weight and relieve you? To achieve nothing beats a balanced diet. But to help some things, know that certain foods can give a real "kick" to your diet and help you lose weight healthily.

- Pineapple

Appreciated for its taste, pineapple is also a dietary fruit. Water-rich, fresh, it stimulates the body's elimination. However, only its stem has fat-burning properties. It is indeed here that hides bromelain, the "fat-eating enzyme." This helps eliminate and especially helps to "break" the cellulite tissue and thus promotes the removal of fat.

- Apple

Apple is well known for its richness in pectin, which helps fill smaller appetites. Consumed regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle, it helps in weight loss. Low in calories, it is possible to use up to three per day. Vary the pleasure by choosing different varieties Granny Smith, Gala, Golden ...

- The lemon

From the family of citrus, lemon contains only 25 calories per 100 g. Acidity (caused by the presence of citric acid) using stomach degrade the fats and proteins. For better efficiency, it consumes fasting and after meals, because of a whole lemon to 50 ounces of water.

- Grapefruit

Grapefruit lowers glucose levels in the blood. This action reduces the levels of insulin in the pancreas thus promoting fat metabolism and therefore the melting of the fatty tissue.

You should also know that grapefruit contains a natural enzyme to regulate appetite: you eat smaller amounts and therefore fewer calories. Note: grapefruit contains 42 kcal per 100 grams of fruits