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4 Daily Habits That Drain Your Energy

4 Daily Habits That Drain Your Energy


Keep your energy intact until the evening avoiding these few pitfalls you during the day.

The energy of the day depends not only of sleep. Despite a good night behind us, certain habits can tire us. Here are five examples with solutions of ideas to reverse the result:

1- An early Hasty

Unable to start the day in a good mood when you get up out of bed after waking handed five times and spent ten minutes thinking about all one needs to do unpleasant in the following hours. Once standing, you barely have time to eat and prepare before rushing to work. usually change: organize yourself to go to bed earlier and take the time to wake you up gently in the morning. Some transition days are sometimes needed to get used to a new rhythm, but you will increase productivity and mood.

2- daily  sedentary 

Think about how many hours you spend sitting in front of a screen or simply static position, without moving your body. The work, appointments, evenings watching TV, the hours spent in transport ... every occasion is good to sit. But to keep good health, a strengthened immune system and an efficient metabolism, it is essential to exercise. No need to spend two hours a day in the gym, a walk or a little sports session are enough to boost the body.

3- Screens Stimulation 

New technologies make our lives easier, but also can stress us. For fear of missing something, or boredom, we took the reflex to check our mailbox and our notifications regularly. This usually distracts us and makes us lose energy throughout the day. The Quora website advises to focus on the schedule of the day during the early morning hours instead of watching his emails on waking. The brain is more rested in the morning, so this is the most conducive to complicated tasks that need attention now.

4- always say "yes"

Accept whatever is being proposed requires time, energy and concentration. Try not to always say "yes" to colleagues offer a coffee break, or your mother asks you a service, nor your children that require your attention. You can also refuse, in general, listen to negative comments, reviews and judgments that plague morale.