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Relieve Quickly Your Back Pain Or Sciatica With a Tennis Ball

Relieve Quickly Your Back Pain Or Sciatica With a Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball Technique for the Sciatic

Pain in the lower back and sciatica pain that travels down the legs affect more and more people, even young and active. Intense and very unpleasant, the pain significantly impairs the quality of life of people who suffer and cause them to walk and move normally. To help reduce pain and relax your aching muscles, try this technique tennis balls, effective and very easy.

The bottom back pain or back pain may be short-lived and resolve spontaneously within a few weeks, as it can persist and extend beyond 3 months. Its causes are many, here are the main ones:

  • A malformation of the spine
  • A back injury
  • Damage to ligaments or tendons due to repetitive movements or unusual twists
  • Muscle damage caused by intense exercise or wearing too heavy
  • A disc degeneration due to aging or certain activities exerting strong pressure on the spine
  • Certain diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.
  • A herniated disc or a sliding of a vertebra, causing the compression of the sciatic nerve
This compression of the sciatic nerve - called sciatica or just sciatica - is manifested by several symptoms including a more or less intense pain in lower back, and that may extend throughout the nerve, through the thigh, behind and the leg to the foot. It can also accompany a lack of sensitivity or reduction of muscle strength of the affected leg.

If sciatic pain, it is strongly recommended to seek medical advice to determine the exact cause and treat it. However, there is a simple and very effective technique to reduce pain and relax muscles.

The technique of  tennis balls against sciatica pain

This technique is recommended to eliminate tension and knots, stretch tight muscles and tablets as well as for pain relief.
Start by putting two tennis balls in a stocking that you will build tight, so that they remain motionless.

Then, to massage your lower back, stand against a wall with both balls on the painful area. Then, with your weight, apply pressure against the wall so that bullets can do their effect, but are not painful either. Make light horizontal and vertical movements to knead your muscles and relax.

To relieve pain in the thigh and backside caused by sciatica, sit on a solid surface, preferably on the ground, with the painful leg outstretched and the other bent. Place both balls under your backside, then sharing your weight on your arms and on your bent leg, apply pressure on the ball and slide slowly above, by performing a back and forth on the line of the sciatic nerve insisting on painful muscles.

Some recommendations to follow in case of sciatic pain:

Avoid carrying heavy loads and limit the activities where you have to bend and straighten you several times

Make sure to keep regular physical activity but very light (walking or swimming), and avoid to lie too long

Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between the knees and under your head so that your spine is aligned

If pain crisis, you can use hot or cold compresses to reduce the intensity