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3 Acts To Avoid During Menstruation Periods

3 Acts To Avoid During Menstruation Periods

Avoid During Menstruation Periods

Menstruate is a natural phenomenon that takes place once a month, following the expulsion of the unfertilized ovaries. Characterized by more or less abundant bleeding that last a few days, the periods are sometimes accompanied by abdominal cramps. In addition, hormonal changes that occur during this period weaken the woman both physically and psychologically. Here are some things to avoid in order not to make things worse!

During this delicate period of the month, hormonal changes taking place inside the female body cause the appearance of many symptoms a few days before and during bleeding, and the intensity and nature vary from woman to woman another.
For more closer to what happens to a woman during her menstrual period, here are some symptoms.

Symptoms announcing or accompanying the menstrual period:
  • Appearance of acne pimples
  • Back pain, leg
  • more or less severe abdominal cramps
  • Increased breast tenderness
  • Lack of energy
  • loss of appetite, or on the contrary, constant cravings
  • Bloating and digestive disorders (constipation or diarrhea)
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Depression

In addition to these symptoms that disrupt the normal life course of women who suffer, they must be vigilant and take care of their private parts vulnerable, to avoid any risk of infection or irritation. You will find in the following actions that must be avoided during this sensitive period, to preserve the balance and health of your reproductive system.

3 Gestures to avoid during menstruation:

Shaving or waxing

Because bleeding, women sometimes feel somewhat fresh, and seek to free themselves from this feeling. This is why some of them resort to shaving or waxing integral part of their intimate. But by removing all that hair, you eliminate the protective boundaries of the intimate parts and thus increase your risk of infection or irritation. In addition, hormonal changes cause a weakening of the skin, making it more prone to injury and irritation, and you also might get worse than usual during epilation.

Try new personal care products

The menstrual periods are generally accompanied by a characteristic odor, which is accentuated by the pubic sweat. Considered annoying and unpleasant, some women therefore resort to intimate hygiene products deodorants or scented, temporarily abandoning their usual products. However, this change disrupts your body, which needs time to adapt to the new composition of your product. As already suffered enough changes during this sensitive period, it is best to keep the same hygienic routine, and especially to use warm water and mild soap and natural unscented that respects the nature of this area.

Wearing unsuitable underwear

As mentioned above, women usually feel irritated, nervous and less attractive during menstruation. To cheer up, some do not hesitate to keep their indented or lace panties, but have the disadvantage of being uncomfortable and not adapted to current conditions. It is therefore strongly recommended to exchange them against pants or shorts cotton just as pretty, but comfortable, and have the ability to better absorb perspiration.

The menstrual period is quite demanding and stressful for women, both physically and psychically. Enjoy it, so, ladies, relax. Your to-do list can wait!