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How To Become a Tree After You Die

How To Become a Tree After You Die

Bios Urn Become Tree After You Die

Trees are the universal symbol of life. So, what's greener than giving life to one of them after death? It is now possible if, however, you choose cremation after death.

Urna Bios was designed by a Barcelona company founded by industrial designers Martin Azua and Gerard Moline. This is a funerary designed with fully biodegradable materials: coconut, peat and compacted cellulose. The ashes are placed inside, with the seed of an essence, tree or plant, chosen by the deceased or his family.

Aspiring immortality

You should know that the ashes from the cremation of a human body is rich in phosphorus, which is a good fertilizer. Just a plant near the ballot box in a location of your choice. Gradually, with the sun and water, it will give life to a tree. This will allow those who love you to remember you long after your death. And this is for you a unique way to stay alive after your demise.

A solution for those who aspire to immortality, in short ... "The Bios Urn transforms the burial ritual of regeneration and a return to life through nature," writes Gerard Moline on its website. You can also opt for this destiny for a pet because there are smaller urns provided for this purpose. 

The first living creature to have been buried in an urn Bio Urnas is also Copito de Nieve, an albino gorilla who lived most of his life in Barcelona Zoo, where he died in 2003. Finally, aware that the ashes have no expiry date, you can use a Urna Bios urn with ashes that you already keep for some time.

Convert our cemeteries in forests?

This approach also allows you to contribute to preserving the environment through the materials used. It is more environmentally friendly than traditional burial, before which toxic chemicals are used to preserve the body.

In addition, the burial is expensive, prompting a growing number of people turning to cremation, although the burial of the body intact is the preferred rite, even mandatory in all three major religions. 

Will we soon see cemeteries replaced by forests in our cities? It is unlikely, precisely for this reason religious. In fact, many people like to follow the precepts of their religion as about death.

Meanwhile, nothing prevents you to opt for this solution to personal if your carbon fiber is the strongest. Martin Azua, meanwhile, chose his camp after his death, it will contribute to timber forest of the Basque Country, he told Discovery News.