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Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House : 4 Amazing Benefits

Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House : 4 Amazing Benefits

Burn A Bay Leaf

Bay leaves are used in cooking as an aromatic plant, but did you know they had many health benefits? Discover in this article the many virtues of laurel leaves and how to use them.

The laurel is a shrub of the laurel family, which is found mainly in the Mediterranean regions. This plant requires a fairly warm climate to grow can reach large dimensions, up to 10 m high. The bay has small berries, yellow leaves and leaf spearhead, called laurel leaves. They can be used fresh or dried.

The use of bay leaves dates back to the Greeks and Romans. Symbol of Apollo, they were the laurel wreath, called laurel wreath, considered an honor and a sign of glory.

Laurel leaves were also very popular, and still are, for their aromatic properties. Thanks to their taste and very distinct, these leaves are used to identify dishes, including Mediterranean cuisine. But besides their gastronomic properties, bay leaves are highly regarded and used in traditional medicine for their therapeutic qualities.

Indeed, they contain about 3% pure essential oil and are rich in isoquinoline alkaloids as well as sesquiterpene lactones. And it is these active ingredients that give them their anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-fungal, antiviral and antiseptic.

This medicinal plant is full of health benefits and can be used in many forms. As needed, we can make lotions or creams, decoctions or infusions. It can be used externally as internally.

Here are the various benefits of bay leaves:

To reduce stress and anxiety

Laurel leaves have very beneficial effects to reduce stress and anxiety and to reduce tensions.

Burn a few bay leaves in an ashtray and leave the room for 10 minutes. The play will be saturated with a particular scent with a relaxing atmosphere. Indeed, bay leaves act on the nervous system by regulating, including anxiety or depression period.

To improve digestion

bay leaves can be very effective in poor digestion. These herbs help to promote digestion and also help to reduce flatulence. Eat them as a tea to enjoy these benefits.

Bay leaves can also stimulate the appetite, when added to dishes. They thus represent a food choice for people looking to gain weight.

To relieve pain

bay leaves help alleviate joint pain, dental, muscle or those due to arthritis or rheumatism.

Prepare a decoction by boiling for 5 minutes a pot of water to which you add a few bay leaves. Let steep for 4 to 5 hours before filtering. Consume in one teaspoon every 2 or 3 hours, 3 days. You can renew the cure, but be sure to wait a week.

To treat flu symptoms

Bay leaves are very effective in case of flu symptoms because they reduce cold symptoms, relieve bronchitis, cough and clogged sinuses and clear the airways. Indeed, the essential oil in the bay leaves contains cineol, which has many therapeutic properties. This natural compound is considered a powerful expectorant, antifungal, anti-infective and antibacterial, among others.

laurel leaves also help treat urinary tract infections, thanks to their antiseptic, relieve pain associated with angina and improve the condition of skin and hair, when used in lotion or decoction.

Caution :

No side effects related to the use of bay leaves can be reported, but in overdose, this ingredient may have an emetic effect.